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Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice

Changes in travel restrictions until 1 July

Iceland will continue to implement the EU/Schengen travel restrictions, which have now been extended until 1 July. EU, EFTA, and UK nationals will continue to be able to enter Iceland under the condition that they preregister and undergo either a test or a two-week quarantine upon arrival.

While the EU/Schengen travel restrictions have now been extended until 1 July, the exemptions have been broadened, allowing students and experts from third countries to enter Iceland. In general, these restrictions apply to foreign nationals other than those from the EU, EFTA, and the UK.

The Minister of Justice and the Embassy of Iceland in Brussels will continue their discussions with the EU Commission on the lifting of travel restrictions for third-country nationals and the importance of tourism in the Icelandic economy. Iceland has emphasized that the arrival of third-country nationals to Iceland should not endanger the progress made in Europe in this regard as Icelandic authorities will continue to build on the effective response to the pandemic in Iceland. Iceland will continue to explore the possibility of introducing departure control on the border for those travelling to the Schengen area.

Schengen member states have emphasized a coordinated policy for the opening of the internal and external borders of the Schengen area. Most states want to lift internal border controls before gradually lifting the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel from third countries starting on 1 July.


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