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Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources

Global inter-faith collaboration for nature

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, emphasized that the world needs to face global environmental challenges united, in his address at the international Faith for Nature conference held in Skálholt, Iceland last week.

The Faith for Nature conference was a global event designed to lay the foundation for inter-faith collaboration for sustainable and regenerative development to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Guðbrandsson underlined that all religions contain ethical guidance and teach respect for our fellow human beings and for creation. „It is only natural that the faith community takes up the pressing issue of ethical stewardship of nature, so that we and other species may enjoy her fruits and conserve her wonders,“ he said and pointed out that for many people values are closely connected to faith. „We must love our natural home, the Earth, and we must have faith in our common future – and we must act based on that faith.“

Over 400 people from 58 nations participated in the conference remotely, either online or via video address, not including those watching/observing the conference via the internet. The conference concluded with a public declaration reflecting the message from the statements and dialogue.

The address of the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources



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