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Vaccinated passengers with ties to Iceland to undergo testing

  - myndÞorkell / Landspítalinn

As of August 16, vaccinated passengers with ties to Iceland must undergo testing within 48 hours of arrival in Iceland.

Individuals with ties to Iceland are:

  • Icelandic citizens
  • Individuals domiciled in Iceland
  • Individuals who have an Icelandic work permit
  • Applicants for a work permit or international protection in Iceland

These passengers will not be required to enter into quarantine until after the results of the testing are available. These individuals are expected to either undergo a rapid antigen test or a PCR test, but further arrangements will be made in cooperation with the Chief Epidemiologist. It will be possible to undergo testing either at the border or at a testing location within these time limits and the testing will be free of charge. Individuals who do not undergo testing within the given time limit can be fined.

According to information from the Chief Epidemiologist’s Office, around 90 percent of the individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since July 1 have an Icelandic personal identification number. This decision has been made in light of the importance of ensuring defences against new variants of the virus. The requirement to submit a negative COVID test at the border will continue to apply, since double testing at an interval of a few days has proven to be helpful during this pandemic.

Further arrangements for the implementation of this plan will be made in the days to follow, including a request to the Chief Epidemiologist to assess which groups these measures should be limited to.

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