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Absentee voting abroad has commenced

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Absentee voting abroad for the parliamentary elections in Iceland on 25 September 2021 commences today, 13 August, and will take place in all Icelandic embassies abroad, as well as in Consulate general offices in New York, Winnipeg, Nuuk and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. Absentee voting is also possible by agreement at Icelandic honorary consul offices abroad.

In light of the global situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic the access to polling stations abroad may be restricted due to disease prevention measures. Voters should contact diplomatic missions regarding the arrangements in every location. 

Voters are expected to obtain information themselves with regard to who are running for office and what letters are used to represent the parties. Practical information regarding the elections can be found at the Government of Iceland website.

The attention of voters is drawn to the fact that they must mail their votes themselves or provide transport for them in time to reach the relevant polling committee in Iceland. Due to the pandemic such arrangements must be seen to in a timely manner.

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