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Ministry of Health

COVID-19: Amended rules on quarantine

As previously stated, the amended rules came into force yesterday, regarding quarantine for those who have received a booster dose and are exposed to COVID-19. For emphasis, this applies to everyone who is in quarantine, including those who are in the same place as an infected individual.

It is important to keep in mind that those who do not have to meet the previous conditions of quarantine must nevertheless meet certain conditions (see also below) and take a PCR test on the fifth day from the date of exposure.

We must continue to look after vulnerable groups in society and pursue individual infection control measures as never before.

The altered rules include that the person in question is in fact still in quarantine with the following exceptions:

  • may attend work or school and obtain necessary services, such as health care, go to grocery stores and pharmacies and use public transport.
  • is not permitted to attend gatherings or places where more than 20 people gather, except in the context mentioned above.
  • is obliged to wear a mask when in contact with everyone except those who are considered to be closely related, and the obligation to wear a mask also applies even if it is possible to keep a distance of two meters.
  • is not permitted to visit health care institutions, including nursing homes, except with the special permission of the relevant institution,
  • is obliged to avoid contact with vulnerable individuals who are at increased risk of serious illness if they become infected with Covid-19.


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