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Ministry of Higher Education٫ Science and Innovation

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The role of the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Science is to combine the powers of higher education, science, industry and innovation, thus enhancing prosperity and creating knowledge-based jobs.

Ambitious goals will only be achieved with outstanding teamwork. The Ministry welcomes all who are ready and willing to move mountains. Be part of a leading team in which work is project-based with a performance-driven approach!

A statistician with a knack for business performance measures

Performance is a key concept in all day-to-day functions of the Ministry. Special emphasis is placed on the presence of trustworthy data and clear measurements. We are looking for a highly numerate individual that has mastered the art of deducing clear results from complicated data and communicating the findings in an accessible and coherent manner. The main tasks involved in the job include presenting, defining and evaluating assessment findings and undertaking performance measures for the Ministry’s activities.

Although Icelandic proficiency is important, it is not a requirement for this role. English language proficiency is, however, essential for applicants that are not proficient in Icelandic. We encourage all those that fit the description above to apply, regardless of gender, age and origin.

Main responsibilities of this role include:

  • Presentation, definition and evaluation of assessment findings
  • Undertaking performance measures for the Ministry’s activities
  • Working with teams on the Ministry’s priority tasks
  • Preparation of Fiscal Plan and Fiscal Budget
  • Communication of information both within and outside the Ministry

Qualification requirements:

  • University degree or similar education relating to the role
  • Experience working in a project-based environment is preferred
  • Experience working with business performance measures
  • Project management experience is a plus
  • Advanced knowledge of statistics is preferred
  • Competency in using databases
  • Exceptional ability to communicate information
  • Proficiency in Icelandic and/or English
  • Ability to work fast and perform under pressure
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate
  • Ability to show initiative, responsibility and flexibility

Wages are according to the current wage agreement made by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and the Academic Union of Ministerial Staff.

The role in question is a full-time specialist job at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. The specialist reports to the Office of Implementation and Follow-up. Preferably, applicants should be able take on the role as soon as possible. Please note that application can stay valid for up to six months from the expiry of the application deadline, cf. Article 2 of regulation no. 1000/2019 on advertising vacancies.

For any further enquiries about the role, please contact Ari Sigurðsson at [email protected].

Applications must be accompanied by a detailed CV and a cover letter explaining the reason for the application and justification of the applicant’s qualifications. Applications should be sent to [email protected].

Please note that according to Article 7 of the Information Act no. 140/2012, the Ministry is required to provide information on the names and current job titles of applicants when the application deadline has expired, if requested.

The Ministry places strong emphasis on equality and encourages all interested individuals to apply for the role. The Ministry is furthermore open to the possibility of remote working.

The application deadline is July 18, 2022.

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