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Joint statement by the Nordic Ministers of Defence

Joint statement by the Nordic Ministers of Defence - myndJohannes Jansson/norden.org

The Nordic defence ministers issued the following statement after a virtual meeting on 30 September 2022:

We, the Nordic Ministers of Defence are deeply concerned about the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines in international waters in the Baltic Sea. All information currently available points to a deliberate act of sabotage close to the national borders of Denmark and Sweden. It cannot be ruled out that this is a reckless attack on Europe’s energy infrastructure and an attempt to destabilise the already tense security situation. The leaks from the pipelines are causing risks to civilian sea-traffic and substantial environmental damage.

Finland, Iceland and Norway stand ready to support Denmark and Sweden by any means possible in the investigation of the incident. We are in close contact with each other regarding the incident and the overall security situation in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Furthermore, the Nordic countries are determined in our support to Ukraine. We will not recognise the results of the illegal referenda or annexations.


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