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Declaration on Future Cooperation between Greenland and Iceland

Today, the prime minister of Greenland Mr. Múte B. Egede and the Prime Minister of Iceland Ms. Katrín Jakobsdóttir signed a declaration in Reykjavik on future cooperation between the two countries. In it, the ministers reaffirm their commitment to further strengthen and expand the bilateral relations between Greenland and Iceland.

Mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation between Greenland and Iceland has increased significantly in recent years. The two countries share a number of interests and opportunities in the North-Atlantic and the Arctic. They also face similar challenges because of the climate crisis and the safeguarding of the environment.

The declaration identifies seven priority areas for future cooperation: Trade, fisheries, economic cooperation, climate change and biodiversity, gender equality, education and research, and cultural cooperation.

The Prime Minister of Greenland and the Prime Minister of Iceland will meet every other year, alternately in Nuuk and Reykjavik, to review the programs of implementation that will be concluded for each priority area.

Declaration of cooperation

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