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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Supreme Allied Commander Europe visits Iceland

Christopher G. Cavoli, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) is making a short visit to Iceland. Today he met with Minister for Foreign Affairs Thórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörd Gylfadóttir and received a tour of Keflavik Air Base.

Minister Gylfadóttir and General Cavoli discussed developments in security and defence following Russia‘s war of aggression against Ukraine, NATO‘s enhanced deterrence posture and the contributions of Iceland, with a particular view towards deterrence and situational awareness in the North Atlantic. „The meeting was very productive, and it is clear that the Alliance has quickly adapted to new challenges by strengthening surveillance, deterrence, and defense. These matters are crucial in order to reduce tensions and avoid unintended escalation,“ said Minister Gylfadóttir.

General Cavoli is in Iceland to familiarize himself with Icelandic conditions and capabilities, at Keflavik Air Base and elsewhere, and to meet with representatives of the Government of Iceland to discuss NATO‘s enhanced deterrence posture. In addition to being the supreme military commander of NATO, Cavoli serves as Commander of the United States European Command (US EUCOM).


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