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Webinar on Combatting Climate Change with Green Solutions in Iceland

On the 9th of March, the Iceland chair of the EFTA Standing Committee for the first half of 2021 offered an Icelandic perspective on innovative green solutions being promoted in combatting climate change.

Building on its success in transforming its hydrological and geothermal resources into 100% green electricity and house heating in the 20th century, Iceland‘s revolutionary energy transition from fossil fuels has served as inspiration to a range of innovative measures designed to render Iceland carbon neutral by 2040.

The webinar highlighted some of the most innovative and successful projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Iceland, CarbfixCarbon Recycling InternationalPure North Recycling, and Circular solutions. The projects were introduced by short videos and presentations.

The event was in English and is of interest to policy makers as well as experts and scholars in the field of green technology solutions. 


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