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Iceland jumps four spots on ILGA-Europe's Rainbow Europe Map and Index

Iceland jumps up four places on ILGA-Europe‘s Rainbow Europe 2020 Map and Index, a review of the legal and policy situation for LGBTI people in Europe. Iceland is now in the 14th spot, placing 18th last year (2019).

ILGA-Europe publish their Rainbow Europe Map and Index every year around the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, celebrated on 17 May. The map shows the legal status and rights of LGBTI people in Europe.

Since last year’s Rainbow Europe Map and Index was published, the Icelandic parliament, Alþingi, has passed PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir‘s bill on Gender Autonomy. The law reflects a changed attitude to the official gender registration and reforms the legal status of trans and intersex individuals by affirming the rights of individuals to change their gender registration based on self-determination and without having to meet any medical requirements. Furthermore, this legislation allows for gender neutral registration. The passing of the legislation has brought substantial improvements for the legal rights of trans and intersex people in Iceland.  

Iceland aims to further secure the rights of trans and intersex people. Working groups appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office are working on proposals for the necessary legal amendments. Furthermore, work is underway on the issue of children born with atypical sexual characteristics, including health care services.

Out of 49 countries, Malta remains on the top of the list and Azerbaijan remains on the bottom. Hungary (27th place) is the country that has dropped the furthest since the last publication, by eight places, and North-Macedonia (33rd place) is the country that has jumped the highest, by 12 places.


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