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Iceland and Dominica to cooperate on geothermal energy

On the Caribbean island Dominica all electricity production is based on imported fossil fuel, although the island has access to unutilized geothermal resources.

In the year 2007 electricity production was 86 GWh and therefore it is estimated that a 15 MW geothermal power plant could cover the electricity consumption of the Island.

On the neighbouring islands, Guadalupe and Martinique, the electricity production is approximately 860 MW, which mostly is based on fossil fuel.

With the cooperation between Iceland and the Commonwealth of Dominica it will be possible to build a 100 MW geothermal power plant where Icelandic expertise will be used during the building phase.

To make the power plant profitable it is planned to connect the electricity systems of the islands with submarine cables to transport electricity from Dominica to the two Islands, Guadalupe and Martinique. If the project goes as planned, then the inhabitants of this tree islands will be able to access clean energy at better price than is possible to day.

The cooperation between Iceland and Dominica is Iceland’s contribution to EDIN, the cooperation among Iceland, USA and New Zealand on Energy Development in Island Nations

For further information see: http://edinenergy.org/


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