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Icelandic Embassies will be point of contact for tourism related information

The Icelandic Foreign Service, the Trade Council of Iceland and the Icelandic Tourist Board are now formally co-operating on introducing Iceland as a travel destination. This cooperation is a part of coordinated presentation of Iceland abroad, with Icelandic Embassies as point of contact for tourism related information and support for marketing efforts of the Icelandic Tourist Board in key markets.

As a part of this cooperation, the offices of the Icelandic Tourist Board in Copenhagen and Frankfurt will be closed and many of their tasks moved to the Embassies of Iceland in the respective countries. Consequently, the Embassies will assume duties as marketing offices for Icelandic tourism in close cooperation with the Icelandic Tourist Board and the Trade Council of Iceland .

This new arrangement is now being introduced to sales agents for Iceland tours, journalists and others. The first introduction was held in Copenhagen last week where points of contacts for tourism within the Emassies were introduced. They are: Rosa Vidarsdottir, Copenhagen; Elin Oskarsdottir, Stockholm; Arna Lísbet Thorgeirsdottir, Helsinki; Lara Jonasdottir, Oslo (temporary); and Ruth Bobrich, Berlin. She will assist David Johannsson, who has headed the Icelandic Tourist Board office in Frankfurt, but will from now on operate out of the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin.


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