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FAQ regarding amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine

As of April 1, 2021 new regulations no. 355/2021 are in effect about quarantine and isolation and testing at the Icelandic border due to COVID-19.  With regards to inquiries made about quarantine houses and other novelties related to this regulatory change, Icelandic authorities have compiled the main questions and answers to them. 

The amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine on the 1st of April where announced by a government press release on March 30. 

Please note that the Reykjavik District court has ruled that the provision of Article 5 of Regulation 355/2021 regarding the obligation for passengers arriving from high-risk areas to undergo quarantine at a quarantine hotel lacks a legal basis. As things currently stand, the response to the ruling will be to inform those who are currently staying in quarantine hotels that they are free to finish their quarantine elsewhere if they have access to a suitable facility. 


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