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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister, Össur Skarphedinsson attends EU-Iceland Accession Conference

Össur Skarphedinsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs will be traveling to Brussels Today, where he is to participate in the Intergovernmental Conference on 27 July 2010, which marks the start of the negotiations on Iceland's accession to The European Union. The Conference will to take place after the meeting of EU's Foreign Ministers.

Besides Iceland, Steven Vanackere Foreign Minister of Belgium which holds the Presidency of the EU Council in the latter half of 2010, Stefan Fule, Commissioner for Enlargement, and representatives from EU member states will attend the Conference. In his speech at the Conference, Skarphedinsson will address Iceland's main issues and Interests in the forthcoming accession talks.

Leading to the Conference, the Foreign Minister has consulted with Iceland's Foreign
Affairs Committee and the Ministerial Committee on European Affairs. The minister will
be accompanied by members of Iceland's negotiation committee.

The press meeting with Skarphedinsson, Vanackere and Fule after the EU-Iceland Accession Conference is scheduled to take place 27 July, 10:00 Iceland local time and can been seen live at:


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