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Screening meeting on Free movement of goods concluded

The screening of chapter 1 – Free movement of goods – ended last Wednesday in Brussels. At the meeting, which lasted two days, experts from Iceland and the European Union compared the legislation in the chapter. The Icelandic team of experts was headed by Mrs. Bryndis Kjartansdottir, chairperson of the EEA I negotiations team. At the meeting, Iceland's implementation of regulations which fall under the free movement of goods were discussed but the acquis under this chapter is part of the EEA-Agreement and most rules have therefore already been adopted or are to be incorporated into Icelandic laws.

There were discussions about continuation of some of the fourteen special solutions that Iceland enjoys under the EEA-Agreement in chapter 1. They include marketing of insecticide, packaging and package waste, quality of petroleum and diesel fuel and labeling of dangerous chemicals. At the meeting there were, among other things, talks about special solutions regarding marketing license for pharmacuticals as well as on the ban on import and trade in seal products.  

* * *

The Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs has published the timetable for the screening meetings, which are expected to be concluded in June 2011. Further information about the content of individual chapters and Iceland's negotiation committee is to be found at the Ministry's website on Iceland's accession talks, eu.mfa.is.


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