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Volcanic activity significantly reduced

Activity in the volcanic eruption in Grimsvotn in southern Iceland is significantly reduced and the volcano is reduced to emitting mostly low steam, 100-200 meters. Small explosions can still be expected, according to information from the Icelandic Met Office. Travellers are advised not to go closer to the eruption than 6 km, due to these explosions. The volcano is not emitting any ash into the high altitude winds, only affecting the area near the eruption site. However the ash emitted over the weekend is still causing some problems in the European airspace.  A team of scientists are currently flying with the Icelandic Coastguard surveillance aircraft over the eruption to measure the activity. Keflavik international airport is open for traffic.

Website of the Icelandic Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Fact sheet from the Icelandic Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

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