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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Minister meets with US Senator Murkowski

Utanríkisráðherra og Lisa Murkowski, öldungardeildarþingmaður Alaska
Utanríkisráðherra og Lisa Murkowski, öldungardeildarþingmaður

The Minister for Foreign Affairs met today with US Senator Ms. Lisa Murkowski from the State of Alaska. They discussed Arctic Affairs, renewable energy and issues pertaining to civilian and environmental security in the Arctic region. Iceland is looking towards strengthening its cooperation with the United States and in particular with the State of Alaska on these issues.

The current status of the Senate's ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea and current developments within the Arctic Council were also discussed. A large delegation of representatives from Alaska's public and private sector are expected to visit Iceland in November to discuss Arctic Affairs, utilization of geothermal energy, fisheries and Icelandic  systems for monitoring and responding to natural disasters, among other issues.


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