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Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

Treasury outcome for the first nine months of 2017

The Treasury accounts for January-September 2017 are now available.

  • The income balance is ISK 39.6bn, which is ISK 25.7bn above the projection for the period. After adjusting for deviations due to the balance of the previous year's budgetary authorisations, dividend payments in excess of estimates, and interest payments upon retirement of a foreign bond, the income balance is ISK 1.9bn below the projection for the period.
  • Revenues for the period excluding financial income totalled ISK 561.4bn, or ISK 7.8bn above the projected amount. Institutional revenues are ISK 10.7bn above the projection, owing to technical factors and internal transfers that have not yet been corrected for in full.
  • Expenditures for the period, excluding financial expense, total ISK 508.9bn, or ISK 8.6bn above the projection. Adjusted for the balance of the previous year's budgetary authorisations, expenditures are ISK 11bn below the projected amount.
  • Revenues net of expenditures total ISK 52.6bn, or ISK 18.8bn above the projection (for further detail, see the revenue analysis section).
  • The capital account balance is negative by ISK 12.9bn, or ISK 6.9bn in excess of the projection for the period. Financial income totals ISK 42.8bn, or ISK 13.5bn above the projected amount, owing mainly to larger-than-expected dividends from the State's holdings in Landsbankinn and Íslandsbanki. Financial expense totals ISK 55.8bn, which is ISK 6.6bn above the projection, due mainly to net expense in the amount of ISK 10.9bn, which accrued due to the buyback of a Treasury bond issue during the spring.
  • Cash from operating activities was positive in the amount of ISK 51bn, loan instalments totalled ISK 219bn, and the cash balance declined by ISK 116.7bn.
  • Budgetary allocations from the previous year total ISK 19.6bn and have been included provisionally in budgetary allocations. The final transfer of budgetary allocations between years awaits Parliamentary confirmation in the final fiscal budget for 2016.
  • Expenditures for functions net of operating revenues totalled ISK 521.2bn, or ISK 4.5bn more than was assumed within the budgetary allocations for the year, but ISK 15.1bn lower if account is given to the principal from the previous year. The main deviations within the year are in the following functions:

10. Individual rights, religion, and internal administration ISK 2.1bn in excess of the projection.

21. Tertiary education ISK 2.6bn within budgetary allocation.

26. Drugs and medical products ISK 1.9bn in excess of the projection.

27. Disability and the affairs of the disabled ISK 2.2bn in excess of the projection.

29. Family affairs ISK 1.4bn within budgetary allocation.

33 Interest, guarantees, and pension obligations ISK 7.4bn in excess of the projection.


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