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Regulations No. 200/1999 respecting Lawyers´ Professional Indemnity

In case of any discrepancies between the original text in Icelandic and the translation, only the original text as published in the Official Gazette of Iceland (Stjórnartíðindi) is authentic. Please note as well that amendments may have been made since the translations were prepared.

Regulations No. 200/1999 respecting Lawyers´ Professional Indemnity

REGULATIONS No. 200/1999

respecting Lawyers' Professional Indemnity

Art. 1

Liability insurance which a lawyer is in duty bound to have in accordance with para. 2, Art. 25 of the Act respecting Lawyers No. 77/1998 shall amount to a minimum of ISK 15,850,000 on account of each period of insurance.

It is permissible to determine the maximum of the own risk of the insured at up to ISK 5,000,000 on account of an individual incident of loss.

Art. 2

A lawyer will meet his insurance obligation either by means of purchasing insurance with an Insurance Company licensed to operate in this Country or by means of a guarantee by a bank or savings bank licensed to operate in accordance with Art. 4 of the Act respecting Commercial Banks and Savings Banks No. 113/1996 or a foreign bank or savings bank having a branch or an operating station in this Country in conformity with the provisions of Section XI of Act No. 113/1996.

Art. 3

When two or more lawyers work together with a joint office they are considered to have met their insurance obligation by submitting a joint insurance, provided that there be submitted to the Icelandic Bar Association a declaration concerning undivided indemnification guarantee.  The minimum shall then be raised by 10% for each lawyer in excess of one.

Art. 4

The present Regulations, being laid down in accordance with Art. 25 of the Act respecting Lawyers No. 77/1998, enter into force forthwith. At the same time there are repealed Rules respecting Lawyers? Professional Indemnity No. 657/1995.


Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs 15 March 1999

Thorsteinn Palsson


Bjorn Fridfinnsson


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