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Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour

Parliamentary Resolution on an action plan to improve the situation of children and young persons has been translated into English

The Alþingi approved of the action plan in June 2007 in accordance with a recommendation put forward by the Minister of Social Affairs, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. The Parliamentary Resolution covers a four year period and has now been translated into English in order to make its content more accessible. The translation will be useful in international co-operation conveying information about child protection and child welfare in Iceland. The translation plays a role in the Ministry’s effort to provide basic information about Icelandic society in foreign languages for residents that do not understand Icelandic.

The action plan is among other things intended to improve the financial position of families with children by raising the rate of child benefit for low-income families, lengthening maternity and paternity leave and strengthening general preventive measures. Emphasis is placed on measures to benefit children and young persons with mental disturbances and developmental disorders, chronically ill children as well as young persons with behavioural and drug-abuse problems. Likewise will measures be implemented to protect children and young persons against sexual offences and measures for the benefit of the children of immigrants.

Tenging frá vef ráðuneytisinsParliamentary Resolution on a four-year action plan to improve the situation of children and young persons

Tenging frá vef ráðuneytisinsÞingsályktun um aðgerðaáætlun til að styrkja stöðu barna og ungmenna


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