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Iceland – All Year-round

Inspired by IcelandIceland – All Year-round (Ísland – allt árið) is a marketing initiative that aims to even seasonality in tourism and increase profitability from the industry in Iceland. The initiative aims at an international, integrated two-year marketing campaign for the destination Iceland under the brand of Inspired by Iceland.

The Government of Iceland has agreed to extend funding for the initiative for two more years, by up to 200 million ISK each year, given that the combined contribution from other participants matches that amount. Preparation for the new contract for the years 2015 and 2016 is now underway. 

The marketing budget shall be spent on general marketing and all promotional material shall benefit Icelandic tourism as a whole. 

The main goals for Iceland – All Year-round is to even seasonality in Icelandic tourism, increase average spending per visitor, and increase awareness of Iceland as a year-round destination. 

The minimum fee to be eligible for participation in the contract is 20 million ISK. Companies, organizations, municipalities, institutions and other parties with vested interest can group together to raise the minimum amount and become a member of the contract.  

Promote Iceland manages the initiative. Interested parties are directed to contact [email protected] by December 15. 

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