Hoppa yfir valmynd

UNESCO International Mother Language Day 2021: Samromur.is

Ambassador Unnur Orradóttir-Ramette, Permanent Delegate of Iceland to the OECD and UNESCO - mynd

In recent years we have seen a revolution in speech technology and how we use our voice to control devices. The Icelandic language is in a precarious situation due to these rapid changes. That is why it is important for technology to learn and to understand Icelandic.

A project has been launched in Iceland that brings together universities, institutions, companies, and NGOs, who will work together to develop a software that understands and speaks Icelandic. The website samromur.is is a part of this project, developed by Almannarómur - Centre for Language TechnologyDeloitte and Reykjavík University.

The purpose is to create an open crowd-sourced database of voice samples for Icelandic that anyone can use, and especially encourages voice samples from speakers with a foreign background. This way, we can ensure the survival of Icelandic in digital times. 

We invite you to try recording a couple of sentences, please start by visiting samromur.is/tala

Thank you for providing Samrómur with your voice sample!



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