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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Icelandic Foreign Minister investigates the situation of Iraqi refugees in Jordan

During her visit to the Middle East earlier this month, Minister Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir visited Jordan where she discussed the situation of Iraqi refugees in the country. Minister Gisladottir had a meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister, Abdel Ilah Al Khatib. They discussed the situation in the Middle East, the Israel-Palestine conflict and the issue of Iraqi refugees.

Minister Gisladottir also visited a hospital run by Médecins sans Frontières, which treats badly injured Iraquis. “The plight of Iraqi refugees in Jordan is very grave. Jordan has shown great generosity in taking in this very large number of people. However, there are problems regarding schooling and medical attention which the Jordanian authorities together with UNHCR are trying to solve. I believe it is vital for the international community to support this work and Iceland will take part,” Minister Gisladottir stated.


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