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The first University Symposium opens in front of a packed audience

Þátttakendur í umræðum á opnunarmálþingi í Háskóla Íslands
Þátttakendur í umræðum á opnunarmálþingi í Háskóla Íslands

The University Symposiums, under the broad theme Iceland in the Wider World: Responsibilities and Opportunities, kicked off with its first event on Friday 7 September in front of a packed audience in the University of Iceland.

The theme of this Symposium was International cooperation in the 21st Century and the United Nations Security Council. The Prime Minister, Mr. Geir Haarde, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, were the keynote speakers. Univerity of Iceland professors Dr. Baldur Þórhallsson, Ms. Alyson Bailes and Ms. Björg Thorarensen addressed a number of issues relevant to Iceland's increasing role in the international arena. Particular emphasis was placed on Iceland's candidature and role in the Security Council. This was followed by a lively discussion period. The event was chaired by the Rector of the University of Iceland Ms. Kristín Ingólfsdóttir.

Today's Symposium was the first in a winter long series that will take place in universities throughout Iceland. The ai, is to strengthen the partnership between government and academic institutions, and raise awareness of pressing global issues and Iceland´s role in the wider world.

The preliminary agenda for the University Symposiums is available below and will be updated once confirmed.

All events are open to the public.


University of Iceland

International Cooperation in the 21st Century and the UN Security Council (agenda)

Foreign Minister speech

Prime Minister speech

Alyson Bailes speech


Reykjavik University

Iceland in the Wider World: How can we make a difference?


Bifrost University

Icelandic Peacekeeping and Relief work


University of Akureyri

Human Rights in Icelandic Foreign Policy


Agricultural University of Iceland

Faultlines of the Future - Can Iceland play a larger role in the battle against Resource Depletion, Desertification and Global Climate Change?


Iceland Academy of the Arts

Cultural Diversity - Iceland´s Role and Opportunities in a Globalized World


Iceland University of Education

Education, the "Icelandic way" and sharing our knowledge with the wider world


Hólar University College

How does Icelandic nature, culture and knowledge benefit the wider world?

For more information on Iceland´s first time candidacy to the UN Security Council please see www.iceland.org/securitycouncil


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