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The Nordic Prime Ministers and a group of Nordic CEOs in cooperation on climate action

The Nordic Prime Ministers - myndSigurjón Ragnar

This morning the Nordic Prime Ministers and a group of Nordic CEOs, Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future, signed a declaration of cooperation on climate action.

The declaration emphasizes the importance of cooperation and joint efforts to mitigate climate change, promote responsible consumption and production and at the same time ensuring a more equitable and fairer society.

The declaration was signed at a press conference following the meeting of the ministers and the CEOs in Harpa.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister:

“Strong co-operation and concerted action by business and government will be key to successful climate action. I am glad to sense how committed the business community is to sustainability and the government expects a great deal from that cooperation. We must strengthen and accelerate progress if we are to reach our goals by 2030. Climate change disproportionately affects the poor and marginalised groups, and it affects men and women differently. Human rights, social justice and gender equality are therefore interconnected with climate change, and any action against climate change must take this into account. "

“Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future" is a group of 14 companies in the Nordic countries that have announced their co-operation on the UN's global goals.

The meeting with the CEOs is in connection with the Nordic Prime Minister's summer meeting in Iceland. The Nordic Prime Ministers also met with the leaders of Åland and Greenland in connection with the summer meeting.

Climate change and the environment will be high the on the agenda of the Ministers along with a new vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers for the next 10 years, the Arctic, human rights issues, including equality, and the status of international affairs and security.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is a special guest participating in the meeting of the Nordic Prime Ministers where particular attention will be given to opportunities to increase co-operation between the Nordic countries and Germany to meet international challenges, not least regarding climate action and sustainable development.


Statement of intent from the Nordic Prime Ministers and a group of Nordic CEOs



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