Hoppa yfir valmynd
Ministry of Health

Act on Health Insurance, No. 112/2008

Updated: November2018

  • Act on Health Insurance No. 112/2008 
    as amended by Act No. 173/2008, No. 55/2009, No. 121/2009, No. 131/2009, No. 147/2010, No. 162/2010, No. 126/2011, No. 155/2011, No. 45/2012, No. 105/2012, No. 130/2012, No. 131/2012,No. 125/2014, No. 11/2015, No. 85/2015, No. 115/2015, No. 130/2015, No. 13/2016, No. 77/2016 and No. 80/2016.


Disclaimer: This section of the site details available translations on legislation relating to the Government Offices in Iceland. In case of any discrepancies between the translations and the original text in Icelandic, the original text as published in the Icelandic Legal Gazette prevails.

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