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Ministry of the Environment٫ Energy and Climate

Act no 81/1997 on the Stefansson Arctic Institute and the Icelandic Joint Committee on Arctic Affairs

Entered into force on 6 June 1997. Amended by Act No 102/2004 (entered into force on 2 July 2004) and Act No 126/2011 (entered into force on 30 September 2011).

If mention is made in this Act of a Minister or Ministry without further specification, this shall be understood to mean the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources or the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, under whose auspices this Act is administered. Information on the division of responsibilities between ministries pursuant to a presidential decree is included here.

Article 1

The Stefansson Arctic Institute is an independent governmental institute under the auspices of [Minister]. (1)

The Institute is a forum for co-operation with regard to Arctic affairs in Iceland and its mission is to promote Arctic environmental research and contribute to sustainable development as well as enhance Iceland's participation in international cooperation in this field.

The Institute is located in Akureyri.

(1)  Act No 126/2011, Article 248. 

Article 2

The Stefansson Arctic Institute shall endeavour to achieve its goals by:

a.            collecting and disseminating information on Arctic issues,

b.            promoting the coordination of environmental research in the Arctic region and proposing their order of priority,

c.            providing education on Arctic issues for schools and the public,

d.            providing the authorities with consultation on Arctic issues, in particular on environmental protection and sustainable development,

e.            overseeing cooperation with equivalent institutions abroad, e.g. on the operation of transnational projects,

f.            providing facilities for academics involved in research activities within the Institutes's academic field, and

g.            carrying out other tasks as stipulated in a ministerial decision.

Article 3 ... (1)

(1)  Act No 102/2004, Article 1. 

Article 4

[[The Minister] (1) appoints the Director of the Stefansson Arctic Institute for a five-year period. The Director shall have academic qualifications and research experience relevant to the academic field of the Institute.

The Director is in charge of the management of the Institute and oversees its operations and appoints other members of staff.] (2)

(1)  Act No 126/2011, Article 248.       (2)  Act No 102/2004, Article 2. 

Article 5

[The Minister] (1) appoints an Icelandic Joint Committee on Arctic Affairs for a four-year period. The Committee shall be composed of members appointed by institutions and organisations entrusted with tasks related to Arctic research. The Minister determines the number of committee members and its composition (2) in a Regulation. [The Minister] (1) appoints the committee chairman without nomination.

The role of the Icelandic Joint Committee is to strengthen and enhance co-operation, between the parties concerned, on Arctic research and affairs related to the Stefansson Arctic Institute. 

(1)  Act No 126/2011, Article 248.       (2)  Regulation 554/2005. 

Article 6

[The Minister] (1) may, having received proposals from the Icelandic Joint Committee on Arctic Affairs, lay down in a Regulation more detailed provisions on the implementation of the present Act.

(1)  Act No 126/2011, Article 248. 

Article 7

The present Act shall enter into force forthwith.


Disclaimer: This section of the site details available translations on legislation relating to the Government Offices in Iceland. In case of any discrepancies between the translations and the original text in Icelandic, the original text as published in the Icelandic Legal Gazette prevails.

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