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  • 23. January 2014 / Prime Minister's Office

    Steps towards eliminating the inflation indexation of new consumer loans

    The Expert Group on the elimination of inflation-indexation of consumer credit has handed in its proposals. The report proposes that, commencing on 1 January 2015, major steps be taken towards elimina...

  • 30. November 2013 / Prime Minister's Office

    Government Action Plan for Household Debt Relief

    The Icelandic government today announces an action plan aimed at reducing the country's housing debt. Firstly, the principal of indexed housing mortgages is to be written down and, secondly, tax break...

  • 19. January 2011 / Prime Minister's Office

    Iceland 2020 – governmental policy statement for the economy and community

    Iceland aims to become a dynamic society capable of protecting its welfare in a manner that is sustainable and serves all members of the community by the year 2020. The Iceland 2020 policy statement ...

  • 30. November 2010 / Prime Minister's Office

    Conclusions of the 2020 Moving Iceland Forward initiative

    This report presents the principal conclusions of the vast work that has been conducted throughout the country within the framework of the 2020 - Moving Iceland Forward initiative. More than a thousan...

  • 02. January 2009 / Prime Minister's Office

    Nordic Road Map

    Programme for the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2009 

  • 30. June 2008 / Prime Minister's Office

    Iceland the e-Nation - Icelandic Government Policy on the Information Society 2008-2012

    "The Icelandic government has formulated its 2008 to 2012 policy on the information society, following the motto Iceland, the e-nation. This is the third time the Icelandic government has formulated s...

  • 16. April 2008 / Prime Minister's Office

    The Threads and Merits of Government Websites - 2007

    The Threads and Merits of Government Websites – 2007

  • 13. March 2008 / Prime Minister's Office

    Free and Open-source Software - Government Policy of Iceland

    The government of Iceland has agreed on a policy regarding free and open-source software. The policy states, among other things, that when purchasing new software, free and open-source software and pr...

  • 02. February 2004 / Prime Minister's Office

    Iceland and the Information Society 2003

    INTRODUCTION Iceland is Europe's second largest island and one of its least densely populated countries, having only 2.8 inhabitants per square kilometre. The population of Iceland is about 288,0...

  • 01. November 2003 / Prime Minister's Office

    Iceland's Presidency 2004

    The Main Points of Iceland’s Programme for its Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2004. Summary now available. Iceland’s Programme for its Presidency (doc - 1.86mB)

  • 01. October 1996 / Prime Minister's Office

    Vision of the Information Society

    Table of Contents Preface by Prime Minister Mr. Davíð Oddsson In the dawn of a new era by Minister of Industry and Commerce Mr. Finnur Ingólfsson 1.Introduction 2. The information society and I...

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