Hoppa yfir valmynd
Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Annual report on foreign and international affairs

The annual report of Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on foreign and international affairs has now been published. This extensive report summarises Iceland’s foreign policy and latest developments in that field.

Minister Thordarson presented the report to the Althingi Parliament in April. In his speech, he stressed the ongoing transformation of the Icelandic foreign service. “As a result, the report on foreign affairs that I present today focuses more on the Foreign Service’s organisational structure and working methods than has been done to date. […] It is safe to say that the ongoing changes in the Foreign Service are the most extensive undertaken in a long time. By the end of June, it is expected that over 70% of the proposals outlined in the aforementioned report will have been implemented.”

An English excerpt of Minister Thordarson‘s report is now available on this website as well as an English translation of his speech to the Parliament.

The entire report can be found here (only in Icelandic).


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