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Icelandic film policy from 2020 to 2030

In the spring of 2019, Lilja D. Alfreðsdóttir, Iceland’s Minister of Education, Science and Culture, appointed a committee of representatives from both the Icelandic government and the film industry to create a new, comprehensive policy for filmmaking and film culture in Iceland until 2030. The goal of the initiative was to set Icelandic filmmaking on a path that would allow it to continue to flourish and prosper in coming years, and by doing so to strengthen Iceland’s culture, language, identity, economy, and general reputation in the world. The committee was tasked with drawing up an action plan based on the new policy, which would cover film culture, film education, the development and production of films and TV projects, and the international promotion of Iceland as a location for filming. The committee was also asked to take a close look at the existing institutions and support schemes with regard to simplifying and strengthening them, and to how filmmaking might support Iceland’s goals in the areas of equality and sustainability.

The process of the committee was threefold: First, to listen to the input of the film industry. A number of meetings were held with prominent stakeholders within the industry, and a
survey was conducted of 500 members of the industry to gather their ideas and suggestions. The committee itself met regularly with the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, and with experts from the relevant institutions in the field. Second, a focused analysis of current legislation, policies, reports, and theoretical material, both domestic and foreign, was done. This analysis, among other things, looked at a variety of policies and action plans in the fields of culture and education, and concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovation, and the marketing of Iceland abroad. Particular emphasis was placed on analyzing the economic scope of filmmaking, and this document is supported by new statistics from Statistics Iceland. Third, the new policy itself was arrived at and laid down in this document. Four clear objectives and ten specific actions were defined to ensure the systematic implementation and financing of this new vision over the next ten years.

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