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12.03.2021  -   North-Atlantic Fisheries Ministers Conference – March 11th, 2021 Effects of COVID-19 on the industry
27.01.2021  -   Report on Iceland's international trade policy
27.10.2020  -   Icelandic measures for remote workers put in place
14.04.2020  -   Nordic cooperation vital post COVID-19
13.04.2019  -   Icelandic authorities welcome decision to declare the wordmark “Iceland” invalid
22.03.2019  -   Joint understanding on the application of the third energy package towards Iceland
15.05.2018  -   Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland
01.06.2017  -   Presentation: Use of living marine resources in Iceland
24.05.2017  -   The hunt for Marine data in an imperfect World
22.06.2016  -   New legislation on home sharing to take effect in Iceland
01.04.2016  -   Fisheries in the Arctic: Lessons to be learned
14.01.2016  -   Road Map for Tourism in Iceland
02.12.2014  -   Iceland – All Year-round
23.10.2014  -   Continued impasse on Mackerel
28.08.2014  -   Positive results from the co-ordinated Nordic Mackerel Survey
27.06.2014  -   Catch Quotas in Icelandic waters in accordance with scientific advice
06.05.2014  -   Design as a Driver for Future - Icelandic Design Policy 2014-2018
22.04.2014  -   Iceland announces a restrained and responsible mackerel quota for the 2014 season
01.04.2014  -   Fisheries Management Plan – Golden Redfish
25.03.2014  -   Golden Redfish fisheries managed with catch rules
13.03.2014  -   The EU, the Faroe Islands and Norway take full responsibility of overfishing. The Minister's response to the tripartite agreement on the mackerel issue
06.03.2014  -   Statement from Mr. Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, Icelandic Minister of Fisheries
13.02.2014  -   No Legal or Scientific Basis for Pelly Amendment Certification of Iceland by the US Department of Interior
08.02.2014  -   Iceland declares disappointment with the results of the mackerel negotiations
31.01.2014  -   Mackerel Negotiations ended without an agreement
29.01.2014  -   Almost all Greenland sharks caught on Icelandic fishing grounds are by-catch in fishery for other species. 
22.01.2014  -   Orkustofnun grants a third licence in the Dreki Area
18.12.2013  -   Sustainable whaling in Icelandic waters 2014-2018
07.10.2013  -   Statement from Government of Iceland Regarding Recommended 2014 Mackerel Catch Levels
04.10.2013  -   Investment Agreement between PCC and the Government of Iceland regarding silicon metal smelter plant
16.08.2013  -   Statement by the Government of Iceland on EU threats against the Faroe Islands and Iceland
09.08.2013  -   Cooperation and diplomacy, not illegal sanctions, are needed to manage the mackerel stock
01.08.2013  -   Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland's Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture 
16.07.2013  -   Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
26.06.2013  -   Consulting Committee deliver it's recommendations regarding á subsea interconnector for electricity between Iceland and Europe to the Minister of Industry and Trade
14.06.2013  -   Sustainable whaling in Icelandic waters
13.06.2013  -   Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland's Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
16.05.2013  -   Iceland Responds to One-Sided Decision by Marine Conservation Society Regarding Sustainable Mackerel Fishing
14.05.2013  -   RESPONSE TO EUROPEAN FISH COUNCIL MEETING, 14 MAY 2013 - Statement from Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Minister of Industries and Innovation
30.04.2013  -   Response to notification from the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) of formal investigation of Iceland's investment incentives scheme
19.02.2013  -   Vacancy Announcement Position of Executive Secretary in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO).
02.02.2013  -   Iceland Lowers 2013 Mackerel Fishing Quota by 15 Percent in Line with Scientific Recommendations
24.01.2013  -   "A fisheries stand-off won't solve the problem"
12.12.2012  -   No More Fishy Solutions to the Mackerel Dispute
03.12.2012  -   Norway participates in exploration for oil and gas in Iceland through Petoro
31.10.2012  -   Memorandum of Understanding on energy cooperation.
24.10.2012  -   Iceland Statements Regarding Coastal States Negotiations on Sustainable Fishing of Mackerel
17.10.2012  -   Two new Bills based on proposals from the Group of Three on Financial Stability in Iceland.
05.10.2012  -   The Ministers letter to Nature Conservations
04.09.2012  -   Statement by Iceland's Minister of Industries and Innovation after the London mackerel negotiations meeting
03.09.2012  -   Meeting on mackerel in London

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