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24.11.2022  -   Better Access and More Efficient Processing of Official Documents Priorities for International Specialists in Iceland
07.03.2022  -   The Minister of Justice permits temporary protection due to mass flight
17.11.2021  -   Iceland elected to the UNESCO Executive Board
27.08.2021  -   The Government Approves the Proposals of the Refugee Committee
04.06.2021  -   Interoperable European COVID-19 vaccination certificate for travellers
27.04.2021  -   ​Ban on unnecessary travel from high-risk areas
27.10.2020  -   Icelandic measures for remote workers put in place
16.07.2020  -   Revised list - residents of twelve non-EEA and Schengen states allowed to visit Iceland
14.07.2020  -   Travellers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Germany to be exempt from screening and quarantine requirements
13.07.2020  -   Residents of fourteen non-EEA and Schengen states allowed to visit Iceland
22.04.2020  -   Iceland Introduces Temporary Schengen Border Controls and 14-day Quarantine for International Arrivals
04.04.2019  -   Information for UK nationals living in Iceland
30.11.2011  -   Iceland and Russia: communication cable, adoption, the Arctic and geothermal energy
29.11.2011  -   Parliamentary resolution on an independent and sovereign Palestine
24.11.2011  -   Meeting with Ireland's European Minister
10.11.2011  -   Foreign Minister meets Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation
03.11.2011  -   Foreign Minister signs an agreement with the United Nations University on the UNU Geothermal Training Programme
02.11.2011  -   Denmark supports Iceland's EU aspirations
02.11.2011  -   Nordic countries concerned about measures against Palestinians
25.10.2011  -   Iceland's responsibility towards developing countries
24.10.2011  -   First steps - Important information for citizens moving to Iceland
20.10.2011  -   Foreign Minister and Negotiations Committee Meet With EU Enlargement Commissioner
19.10.2011  -   Two chapters concluded in negotiations between Iceland and EU
13.10.2011  -   Foreign Minister submits a proposal to Althingi for a parliamentary resolution on recognition of Palestine
12.10.2011  -   EU progress report states Iceland fulfills political and economic conditions
12.10.2011  -   Germany reiterates support for Iceland
12.10.2011  -   Foreign Minister disappointed with verdict over Tymoshenko
11.10.2011  -   Towards Creative Iceland:building local, going global
30.09.2011  -   Norway and Iceland increase their co-operation on arctic issues
27.09.2011  -   Iceland to support Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly
26.09.2011  -   Poster Design from Iceland at Beijing Design Week
24.09.2011  -   Foreign Minister attends UN General Assembly
09.09.2011  -   Air Transport Agreement between Iceland and Vietnam signed
09.09.2011  -   Italy's full support to Iceland's application
06.09.2011  -   Skarphedinsson and Kleist vow to increase cooperation between Iceland and Greenland
06.09.2011  -   Minister meets with Speaker of Croatian Parliament
30.08.2011  -   Reinforced diplomatic cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries
27.08.2011  -   Iceland completes IMF Programme
25.08.2011  -   Iceland's and Lithuania's Foreign Ministers discuss EU, NATO issues
24.08.2011  -   Inauguration of the Iceland square in Riga
24.08.2011  -   The Minister's address
24.08.2011  -   Minister discusses foreign investment in environmental tourism
22.08.2011  -   Iceland and Finland will increase cooperation regarding the Arctic
19.08.2011  -   Estonia honours Iceland with Iceland Day festival
19.08.2011  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Estonia meet in Tallinn
19.08.2011  -   Minister condemns violence against civilians in Syria
11.07.2011  -   Minister completes visit to Gaza, Ramallah and Jordan
08.07.2011  -   Foreign Minister Discusses Middle-East Peace Process with Jordanian Authorities
08.07.2011  -   Icelandic and Palestinian Ministers sign MoU on political consultations
06.07.2011  -   Foreign Minister visits Gaza, Jordan and Ramallah
28.06.2011  -   Minister meets with EU Commissioners and European Parliament MEP
27.06.2011  -   Four chapters opened and two closed at the launch of substantive accession negotiations between Iceland and the EU
22.06.2011  -   Minister signs a free trade agreement between EFTA and Hong Kong
21.06.2011  -   Screening meeting on energy concluded
21.06.2011  -   Screening process concluded
14.06.2011  -   Letter of Credentials presented to president of Mongolia
10.06.2011  -   Minister meets with a representative of the National Transitional Council in Libya
27.05.2011  -   Screening on enterprise and industrial policy concluded
25.05.2011  -   Screening meeting on External Relations concluded
25.05.2011  -   Volcanic activity significantly reduced
24.05.2011  -   Eruption on the wane; clean-up phase begins
23.05.2011  -   Screening meeting on Foreign, Security and Defence Policy concluded
22.05.2011  -   Eruption in Grimsvotn
20.05.2011  -   Screening meeting on Economic and Monetary Policy concluded
19.05.2011  -   Secretary Clinton and minister Skarphéðinsson agree on further cooperation in the Arctic
17.05.2011  -   Minister condemns violence against protesters in Syria
17.05.2011  -   Screening meeting on Consumer and Health Protection concluded
17.05.2011  -   Minister presents annual report on foreign affairs
16.05.2011  -   Arctic Council‘s new agreement will strengthen Search and Rescue efforts in the Arctic
16.05.2011  -   Women and Food Security
14.05.2011  -   Minister urges Israelis to immediately release Palestinian funds
05.05.2011  -   A Parliamentary Resolution on Iceland's Arctic Policy
27.04.2011  -   Icelandic and Indian Foreign Ministers meet in New Delhi
11.04.2011  -   Screening meeting on Customs Union concluded in Brussels
10.04.2011  -   Statement from the Government of Iceland on the outcome of the referendum on the Icesave Agreements
05.04.2011  -   Screening meeting on Financial and Budgetary Provisions concluded
01.04.2011  -   Screening meeting on Food Safety concluded
30.03.2011  -   Össur Skarphéðinsson attends a conference in London on Libya
25.03.2011  -   Screening on Regional Policy and Coordination of structural instrument concluded
21.03.2011  -   Iceland Supports Humanitarian Assistance Caused by the Crisis in Libya
21.03.2011  -   Iceland Contributes Humanitarian Assistance to Japan
21.03.2011  -   Screening on Social Policy and Employment Concluded
18.03.2011  -   The EU Culture Programme grants € 200,000 to Sagenhaftes Island
09.03.2011  -   Screening Meeting on Taxation concluded
04.03.2011  -   Screening Meeting on Fisheries Concluded
28.02.2011  -   National referendum on Icesave bill held on 9 April
18.02.2011  -   Strategy for Iceland's Development Cooperation 2011-2014
15.02.2011  -   Polish and Icelandic Foreign Ministers meet in Warsaw
14.02.2011  -   Foreign Minister visits Lithuania
14.02.2011  -   Screening meeting on Judiciary and fundamental rights concluded
11.02.2011  -   Screening meeting on Freedom of movement for workers concluded
01.02.2011  -   Screening meeting on Agriculture and rural development concluded
01.02.2011  -   Foreign Minister on the situation in Egypt
11.12.2009  -   The Development Fund for Immigration Issues is open for application for the year 2009
10.11.2009  -   Lets Talk
28.10.2009  -   A survey of the attitudes and conditions of immigrants in Iceland
06.04.2006  -   Free movement of EEA workers to Iceland
06.10.2005  -   Voting rights of foreign nationals in referendums on merging of local authorities

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