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15.02.2019  -   Reports on the Rights of the Child
04.12.2017  -   New Government Takes Office
04.10.2017  -   New regulation accelerates asylum procedures
01.05.2017  -   Two new ministries commence operation
14.03.2016  -   Presidential Election 2016
04.12.2014  -   A new Minister of the Interior
03.07.2014  -   Turning point in foreigners' affairs
27.02.2014  -   Local Government Elections 31 May 2014
02.12.2013  -   International equal rights prize to Iceland
06.05.2013  -   Application for Icelandic citizenship - New point of contact
09.04.2013  -   International Conference - Human Rights Protection & International Law
04.03.2013  -   Advertisement - General parliamentary elections
31.10.2012  -   Advertisement of the results of the referendum on 20 October 2012
24.10.2012  -   Outcome of the counting of votes cast in the referendum on 20 October 2012.
18.09.2012  -   Iceland withdraws from co-operation with Norway on purchase of rescue helicopters
13.09.2012  -   Advertisement regarding the Referendum to be held on 20 October 2012
09.05.2012  -   Presidential Election 2012
09.02.2012  -   Commissioner for Human Rights visits Iceland
26.11.2011  -   Decision on a Request to Purchase Land
06.09.2011  -   Conference in Reykjavik City Hall Wednesday September 14 on improving democracy within the state and the municipalities
15.03.2011  -   Advertisement on the referendum on 9 April 2011
06.07.2010  -   Politiloven, nr. 90 13. juni 1996 med senere ændringer
02.07.2010  -   Lov om erstatningsansvar
02.07.2010  -   Lov om udbetaling af erstatning fra staten til ofre for forbrydelser
02.07.2010  -   Ændringer af den islandske lov om statsborgerret
30.06.2010  -   Den islandske færdselslov nr. 50/1987 med senere ændringer, § 101
30.06.2010  -   Bekendtgörelse om register over trafikovertrædelser og point-system for trafikovertrædelser Nr. 431/1998
30.06.2010  -   Lov om islandsk statsborgerret
29.06.2010  -   Børnelov nr. 76 27. marts 2003
29.06.2010  -   Straffeprocesloven
29.06.2010  -   Den islandske borgerlige straffelov
Goverment Emphases in Actions against Human Trafficking and Other Types of Exploitation
Foreign Nationals Act 2016 no. 80
Law in Respect of Marriage No 31 1993
Local Government Elections Act, No. 5/1998/ with subsequent amendments
Law and Order
Regulation on the legal status of arrested persons, interviews by the police etc., No. 651/2009
Act on Collection of Evidence Relating to Alleged Violations of Intellectual Property Rights, No. 53/2006
Act on Bankruptcy etc.
Act on Civil Procedure, No. 91/1991 - Excerpts
Law on Criminal Procedure, No. 88/2008 - Exerpts
Regulation on management of personal information by the police, No. 322 9 April 2001 with amendment no. 926/2004
Police Act, No. 90/1996
Regulations No. 1192/2005 respecting Lawyers´ Trusteeship Accounts et al.
Regulations No. 200/1999 respecting Lawyers´ Professional Indemnity
Extradition of Criminals and Other Assistance in Criminal Proceedings
Narcotics Act, No. 65/1974
General Penal Code, Nr. 19/1940
Act on Professional Lawyers
Regulation on the Handling of Notifications of Alleged Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing, No. 175/2016
Act on Measures Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, No. 64/2006
Act on the Judiciary
Act on Funds and Institutions Operating According to Approved Charters, No. 19, 15 May 1988
Personal Names Act, No. 45 of 17th May 1996
Law on Lotteries, No. 38/2005
Parliamentary Elections to the Althing, Act No. 24/2000
Act regarding the Icelandic Red Cross and the emblem of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal
Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data, No. 77/2000
Amendments to the Icelandic Nationality Act
Act on Legal Competence
Regulation on the rights of aliens who come under the Agreement on the European Economic Area or the Convention establishing the European Free Trade Association to acquire the right to own or use real property
Act on the Right of Ownership and Use of Real Property
Inheritance Act No. 8, 14 March 1962
Act on the Icelandic Coast Guard
Civil Protection Act
Regulation No. 1129/2008 on Icelandic language tests for persons applying for Icelandic citizenship
Icelandic Nationality Act, No. 100/1952
Act on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions on the Custody of Children and the Return of Abducted Children, etc. No. 160 27th December 1995
Children Act, no. 76/2003, with later amendments
Adoption Act
CIVILPROCESLOVENnr. 91 af 31. december 1991 med senere ændringer
Report of the Permanent Committe on Procedural Law on amendments to the Insolvency Regime in relation to the assessment programme with the IMF
Iceland's Third Periodic Report on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, June 2008
GRECO - Evaluation Report on Iceland - Transparency of Party Funding (Theme II)
GRECO - Evaluation Report on Iceland - Incriminiations (ETS 173 and 191, GPC 2) (Theme I)
Agreement between Eurojust and the Republic of Iceland
CPT Report 2005
Iceland's Third Periodic Report to the United Nations under Articles 16 and 17 of the International Covenant on Economic
GRECO - Group og States against Corruption, Evaluation Report on Iceland
Iceland´s Sixteenth Periodic Report on the Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination According to Article 9 of the Convention.
Iceland´s Fifteenth Periodic Report on the Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination According to Article 9 of the Convention.
Interim report of the Icelandic Government to the European Committee Against Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)
Iceland's First Report on the Application of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of 20th November 1989
Iceland's Third Report on the Implementation of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights

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