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15.11.2023  -   Construction started on barrier to protect the power plant in Svartsengi
11.11.2023  -   Seismic activity in Reykjanes
13.07.2023  -   U.S.-Nordic Leaders’ Summit in Helsinki, 13 July 2023
10.07.2023  -   Icelandic Government advice following a volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula
26.06.2023  -   Joint Statement by the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries and Canada
16.06.2023  -   Nordic Prime Ministers joined by Prime Minister of Canada at annual meeting
16.06.2023  -   Prime Minister of Iceland nominated as WHO Champion
17.05.2023  -   Accountability for Ukraine and democracy top agenda of the Reykjavík Summit ​
16.05.2023  -   Reykjavik Summit of the Council of Europe has started ​
12.05.2023  -   Reykjavik Summit of the Council of Europe 16-17 May​
11.05.2023  -   Iceland in Fifth Place on ILGA‘s Rainbow Map and First Place on the Transgender Europe Map
10.05.2023  -   International Wellbeing and Sustainability Forum held in Reykjavík 14-15th June
15.03.2023  -   Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Ukraine and met with Volodomyr Zelensky
07.11.2022  -   Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe held in Iceland
03.11.2022  -   Iceland’s Presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers 2023
13.10.2022  -   Declaration on Future Cooperation between Greenland and Iceland
11.10.2022  -   Gender Equality Forum focuses on the status of women of foreign origin in the Icelandic labour market
03.08.2022  -   A small volcanic eruption in southwest Iceland
17.05.2022  -   Iceland to host the IDAHOT+Forum in 2023
17.05.2022  -   Iceland jumps up five places and into top ten on the Rainbow Europe Map
16.05.2022  -   Statement by Denmark, Iceland and Norway on Finland and Sweden’s decision to apply for NATO membership
11.05.2022  -   Iceland's support for Ukraine reaches one billion ISK
09.05.2022  -   President Volodymyr Zelensky‘s address to the Icelandic Parliament
05.05.2022  -   Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir attended Nordic-India Summit
25.04.2022  -   Iceland to welcome up to 140 vulnerable refugees from Ukraine
07.03.2022  -   The Minister of Justice permits temporary protection due to mass flight
24.02.2022  -   Iceland strongly condemns Russia’s attacks on Ukraine
07.01.2022  -   COVID-19: Border measures remain unchanged until the end of February
28.11.2021  -   Second Government of Katrín Jakobsdóttir Takes Office
24.11.2021  -   COP26 results a cause for optimism, says Iceland‘s Environment Minister
09.11.2021  -   Iceland‘s message at COP26: We need to upgrade our pledges
24.09.2021  -   The Icelandic Government and Landsvirkjun Agree on Remuneration for Utilisation Rights in the Þjórsá Area
17.09.2021  -   Female leaders call for women’s rights and equal opportunities to be upheld in Afghanistan
14.08.2021  -   Ending gender-based violence: ​activists and survivors aim to shape global agenda
09.08.2021  -   Vaccinated passengers with ties to Iceland to undergo testing
21.05.2021  -   COVID-19: Border measures extended to 15th of June
20.04.2021  -   COVID-19: Temporary introduction of stricter border measures
25.03.2021  -   Stricter measures intended to stop new outbreak in Iceland
20.03.2021  -   A small volcanic eruption has started in Iceland
16.03.2021  -   Exemption from border measures for vaccinated individuals to be extended to non-Schengen countries
04.03.2021  -   Possible volcanic activity in southwest Iceland
23.02.2021  -   Significant easing of domestic restrictions in Iceland to take effect tomorrow
17.02.2021  -   The Government launches the Icelandic Income Database
16.02.2021  -   Travelers required to present negative PCR test before boarding
18.01.2021  -   Iceland hosts first activist led conference against gender-based violence in over 25 years
15.01.2021  -   Covid-19 screening mandatory for arriving passengers until spring
18.12.2020  -   Iceland announces enhanced ambition at Climate Ambition Summit
27.11.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses UNESCO High-Level Round Table on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
21.11.2020  -   Border measures to be reviewed by 15 January
20.11.2020  -   Resilience: strengthening Iceland’s foothold – Resilience subsidies and support for job-seekers, old-age pensioners, families with children, and vulnerable groups
13.11.2020  -   Katrín Jakobsdóttir hosts the Council of Women World Leader's Annual Meeting
12.10.2020  -   Eight stability measures
07.10.2020  -   Double screening until December
06.10.2020  -   Iceland welcomes Syrian families from Lesbos
02.10.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses Beijing 25th anniversary meeting
01.10.2020  -   Prime Minister Statement at the High Level Meeting of the General Assembly on Beijing+25
01.10.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses 25th anniversary meeting of the Beijing Women’s Conference
01.10.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses 25th anniversary meeting of the Beijing Women’s Conference
30.09.2020  -   The world after COVID-19
28.09.2020  -   Declaration of Intent on Funds for the Maintenance of Sustainable Development
28.09.2020  -   What will the future look like beyond COVID-19?
22.09.2020  -   The 75th UN General Assembly 2020 - Prime Minister's Adress
18.09.2020  -   An intergenerational dialogue on how diverse leadership can change the world for gender equality
11.09.2020  -   Call for action - International Equal Pay Day, 18 September
18.08.2020  -   New rules on quarantine, isolation and screening at the border
14.08.2020  -   Double border screening for all arriving passengers
30.07.2020  -   Iceland takes precautionary measures
03.07.2020  -   Iceland one of the UN Member States in Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions
23.06.2020  -   New Climate Action Plan - Iceland will fulfil its commitments and more
08.06.2020  -   Information for travellers arriving in Iceland from 15 June 2020
14.05.2020  -   Iceland jumps four spots on ILGA-Europe's Rainbow Europe Map and Index
12.05.2020  -   Testing for international arrivals could start in June​
11.05.2020  -   Webpage on the Chairmanship of the Icelandic Prime Minister in the Council of Women World Leaders
06.05.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland and Austrian Minister of Equality discuss COVID-19 and gender equality
06.05.2020  -   Women Leaders Virtual Roundtable on COVID-19
28.04.2020  -   Government of Iceland announces increased support for companies and extension of part-time unemployment benefits
21.04.2020  -   Government of Iceland Announces Second Phase of Economic Response Package to the COVID-19 Crisis
14.04.2020  -   Restrictions to be gradually lifted starting 4 May
09.04.2020  -   Covid-19 epidemic receding in Iceland - 295 new infections in the past seven days and 363 recoveries
22.03.2020  -   Stricter measures enforced in Iceland: Ban on gatherings of more than 20 people
21.03.2020  -   Icelandic Government announces 1.6bn USD response package to the COVID-19 crisis
15.03.2020  -   Large scale testing of general population in Iceland underway
14.03.2020  -   Icelanders advised not to travel abroad
10.03.2020  -   Economic response to COVID-19
21.02.2020  -   The Icelandic government seeks to lead an action coalition of the Generation Equality Forum
16.01.2020  -   The Prime Minister’s Committee for the Future publishes a report on Icelandic society in 2035–2040
18.12.2019  -   Iceland remains the top country on the World Economic Forum’s gender gap index
18.09.2019  -   Indicators for measuring Well-being in Iceland
16.09.2019  -   An International conference on #metoo will start tomorrow
21.08.2019  -   Nordic Prime Ministers adopt a new vision and meet with Angela Merkel
20.08.2019  -   The Nordic Prime Ministers and a group of Nordic CEOs in cooperation on climate action
19.08.2019  -   The Nordic Prime Ministers will gather in Reykjavík for annual summer meeting
18.06.2019  -   Declaration of Intent of the Government, Heavy Industry and Reykjavik Energy on the Capture and Sequestration of Carbon
29.05.2019  -   Iceland to address the spread of antibiotic resistance
28.05.2019  -   Iceland awarded the Womenomics Honorary Award
03.04.2019  -   Government actions in support of the Labour Market Living Standards Agreement
21.03.2019  -   Announcement regarding discussions between Icelandair and Wow air
18.12.2018  -   Iceland tops the WEF Global Gender Gap Index for the consecutive tenth year
02.12.2018  -   Government of Iceland celebrated the centenary of Iceland as a sovereign country
27.11.2018  -   Iceland PM convenes a first of many high-level roundtable in historic Höfði House, Reykjavík, calling for peaceful solutions to armed conflict and the protection of universal human rights
14.11.2018  -   Celebrating the Centenary of Independence and Sovereignty
11.10.2018  -   Merger of Central Bank of Iceland and Financial Supervisory Authority in preparation - Inflation targeting to remain the principal objective of monetary policy
10.09.2018  -   Iceland launches new Climate Strategy, boosting efforts to reach Paris goals
18.06.2018  -   Speech by the Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, on Iceland's National Day, June 17th 2018
05.06.2018  -   Financial stability should be prioritised over price stability
30.11.2017  -   New Icelandic Government takes office
23.05.2017  -   Manchester terror attack - Prime Minister of Iceland expresses his condolences to the British Prime Minister
12.03.2017  -   Iceland Lifts Capital Controls
11.01.2017  -   New Icelandic Government - government of Mr. Bjarni Benediktsson takes office
07.04.2016  -   Government of Mr. Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson takes office
26.10.2015  -   Northern Future Forum focuses on creative industries and public sector innovation
20.10.2015  -   Glitnir hf. creditor group submits amended proposal for stability contribution
12.10.2015  -   Nine Prime Ministers discuss creative industries and public sector innovation in Reykjavík
20.09.2015  -   Two billion ISK reserved for support to refugees and asylum seekers
08.06.2015  -   Comprehensive strategy for capital account liberalisation
31.03.2015  -   “Fundamental reform of the monetary system must be considered.” Says head of Iceland Parliament's Committee for Economic Affairs
10.11.2014  -   Improved equity and debt position of 56,000 households
10.09.2014  -   Iceland reinforces its participation in NATO
24.07.2014  -   Letter sent to the Prime Minister of Israel
10.07.2014  -   Agreement with Advisors to Work on Removal of Capital Controls
04.12.2013  -   Recommendations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of government management
16.08.2013  -   Statement by the Government of Iceland on EU threats against the Faroe Islands and Iceland 
31.05.2013  -   Prime Minister meets with President of Finland
23.05.2013  -   New Icelandic Government takes office
15.04.2013  -   The Prime Ministers of Iceland and China issue a Joint Statement
06.04.2013  -   The Prime Minister on an official visit to China
28.01.2013  -   Iceland welcomes acquittal in Icesave case 
14.01.2013  -   Agreement between the coalition parties on management of the EU accession negotiations in the run-up to the parliamentary elections
07.11.2012  -   Congratulation to Obama on his re-election
30.10.2012  -   Prime Minister meeting with Nordic Prime Ministers in Helsinki, and attending the 64th session of the Nordic Council.
29.10.2012  -   Prime Minister attends Nordic meetings in Helsinki, Finland
17.06.2012  -   Address by the Prime Minister of Iceland H.E. Ms. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir 17 June 2012
21.05.2012  -   Investment Plan for Iceland 2013-2015 – new emphases on employment
20.04.2012  -   Prime Minister of Iceland and Premier of China meet in Reykjavik
20.04.2012  -   Agreements and declarations signed following a meeting between Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and Premier Wen Jiabao in Reykjavik today
17.03.2012  -   Amendments to the Icelandic capital controls legislation on 13 March 2012
14.12.2011  -   Icesave dispute to the EFTA Court
01.11.2011  -   The Prime Minister and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister of Denmark met in Copenhagen today
28.10.2011  -   Order of priority claims under the Emergency Act deemed valid
19.10.2011  -   Visit of the Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Füle
26.08.2011  -   Iceland completes IMF Programme
12.07.2011  -   Ring Road open for ferry transport; road connection possible in the middle of next week
24.05.2011  -   Eruption on the wane; clean-up phase begins
10.04.2011  -   Statement from the Government of Iceland on the outcome of the referendum on the Icesave Agreements
08.12.2010  -   Memorandum of Understanding on measures to address household debt problems
15.11.2010  -   Report from  a Working Group of Experts appointed by the Prime Minister for an assessment of  household debt problems
21.05.2010  -   Bank Crisis First-In Will Be First-Out
16.04.2010  -   Statement by the Government of Iceland
12.04.2010  -   Icelandic government welcomes investigative commission's report on collapse of Icelandic banks
10.04.2010  -   Condolences to the Polish people
08.03.2010  -   Work continues on a mutually acceptable solution to Icesave
04.02.2010  -   PM of Iceland met with Barroso and Rehn in Brussels
29.01.2010  -   Icesave meeting in The Hague
14.01.2010  -   The Prime Minister of Iceland urges IMF to continue the Economic Programme
08.01.2010  -   National referendum to take place as soon as possible
06.01.2010  -   The Government of Iceland remains fully committed to honour Iceland's obligations
05.01.2010  -   The Government committed to the Economic Program
15.12.2009  -   Preliminary Findings of the EFTA Surveillance Authority in Additional Cases Concerning Iceland´s Emergency Act No 125/2008
08.12.2009  -   EFTA Surveillance Authority´s preliminary findings regarding a complaint concerning Iceland´s Emergency Act No 125/2008
21.10.2009  -   The IMF Executive Board to Review Iceland's Economic Programe
18.10.2009  -   Icesave Negotiations Concluded - Outcome Presented
28.08.2009  -   Parliament approves state guarantee for Icesave loans
31.07.2009  -   Prime Minister's statement on the postponement of IMF board decision
31.07.2009  -   Postponement of review of Economic programme in cooperation with IMF
17.07.2009  -   Icelandic Parliament votes in favour of applying for membership of the EU - Statement by the Prime Minister of Iceland
29.06.2009  -   Prime Minister appoints new Governor and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland
26.06.2009  -   Stability Pact signed
18.06.2009  -   Prime Ministers Address to the nation on June 17, the National Day of Iceland
29.05.2009  -   Statement by the IMF Mission to Iceland
29.05.2009  -   IMF First Review of Economic Recovery Programme Near Completion
19.05.2009  -   Government Coalition Platform of the Social Democratic Alliance and Left-Green Movement
10.05.2009  -   The President approves of the Prime Minister's second government
10.05.2009  -   Government Coalition Co-operation Statement by the Social Democratic Alliance and Left-Green Movement
10.05.2009  -   The First 100 Days Planned Actions
10.05.2009  -   New Government Takes Office - Social Democrats and Left-Greens Continue their Coalition Partnership
17.04.2009  -   The Commission on Developments in Europe concluded its work
01.04.2009  -   Amendment to Customs Act and Act on Foreign Exchange
31.03.2009  -   Working Group Considers Recommendations by Banking Expert
30.03.2009  -   The Kaarlo Jännäri Report on Banking Regulation and Supervision in Iceland Recommendations and Conclusions
25.03.2009  -   Government to Implement Eva Joly's recommendations on the Office of Special Prosecutor
24.03.2009  -   Deflation in March, Consumer Price Index decreases
13.03.2009  -   IMF concludes its visit
13.03.2009  -   Statement by the IMF Mission to Iceland
11.03.2009  -   Government of Iceland Agrees to Establish AMC to Take Over Severely Affected Companies
06.03.2009  -   Government reinforces the office of Special Prosecutor
03.03.2009  -   Prime Minister appoints Dr Anne Sibert and Dr Gylfi Zoega members of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland
03.03.2009  -   Foreign Consultants Engaged to Represent State Interests
27.02.2009  -   Acting Governor and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland appointed
26.02.2009  -   Central Bank Bill Becomes Law
11.02.2009  -   Coordination Committee publishes its first report
10.02.2009  -   A turning point in work by public authorities on rebuilding the financial system
06.02.2009  -   New Bill Introduced Altering the Administrative Structure of the Central Bank of Iceland
01.02.2009  -   New Icelandic Government formed
26.01.2009  -   Prime Minister Formally Tenders Government's Resignation
23.01.2009  -   Statement from Geir H. Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland and Chairman of the Independence party
09.01.2009  -   Lovells UK Legal Office Advice to the Government of Iceland
06.01.2009  -   Statement from the Icelandic Government Concerning Legal Proceedings Against UK Authorities
05.01.2009  -   Government Support for Legal Action against UK Authorities
31.12.2008  -   At year's end
19.12.2008  -   IMF Mission to Iceland: All Government Actions Proceeding on Schedule
09.12.2008  -   The Government appoints Banking Expert
05.12.2008  -   Open Letter from the Prime Minister of Iceland
04.12.2008  -   Measures to Improve Conditions for Business and Industry
20.11.2008  -   International Monetary Fund approves Iceland´s request for a two year stand-by arrangement
17.11.2008  -   The Icelandic Government's program with the IMF
16.11.2008  -   Agreed Guidelines Reached on Deposit Guarantees
29.10.2008  -   The Faroe Islands Come to Iceland's Aid
28.10.2008  -   Statement following the meeting of Nordic Prime Ministers 27 October 2008
24.10.2008  -   Iceland takes decisive action with the launch of an economic stabilisation plan in conjunction with the IMF
23.10.2008  -   Norwegian Government Officials to Iceland for Talks on the Country´s Economy
11.10.2008  -   Dutch and Icelandic understanding on IceSave
11.10.2008  -   Joint Declaration
08.10.2008  -   Act No. 125/2008 on the Authority for Treasury Disbursements due to Unusual Financial Market Circumstances etc.
08.10.2008  -   Statement by the Prime Minister of Iceland
07.10.2008  -   Act on depositors' and investors' guarantee fund: The new legislation in short
06.10.2008  -   Address to the Nation by H.E. Geir H. Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland
06.10.2008  -   Deposit Guarantee
03.10.2008  -   Prime Minister´s Policy Address 2008
29.09.2008  -   The Government of Iceland provides Glitnir with new equity
16.05.2008  -   Statement of Mr. Geir H. Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland
07.04.2008  -   Preparation of new policy on the information society
07.04.2008  -   The Telecommunications Fund
07.04.2008  -   Assessment and government policy for 2004-2007
19.02.2008  -   The Statement of the Government, February 17th 2008
13.02.2008  -   Address by Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde to the Annual Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, March 13th 2008
10.01.2008  -   New Years´s Address 2007
28.12.2007  -   Changes at Statistics Iceland at the turn of the year
06.12.2007  -   The statement of the Government regarding measures to improve the incomes of older and disabled persons
02.10.2007  -   Prime Minister´s Policy Address 2007
24.05.2007  -   Policy Statement 2007
24.05.2007  -   Change of Government
08.03.2007  -   Island.is
01.11.2006  -   Making the Information and Services Society Accessible
11.10.2006  -   Statement of the Government regarding measures to reduce food prices and other prices
28.09.2006  -   Agreement between Iceland and the United States on defence issues
29.06.2006  -   Address by the Prime Minister of Iceland ,on National Day, June 17 2006
27.06.2006  -   Special measures to reduce demand pressures
23.06.2006  -   Statement by the Government
16.06.2006  -   Cabinet changes in Iceland
14.12.2005  -   Declaration by the Government of Iceland
14.04.2005  -   Sale of State Shares in Iceland Telecom - Report
04.04.2005  -   Arrangement of sale of State shares in Iceland Telecom hf.
29.11.2004  -   Tax reduction
03.08.2004  -   Press release on the condition of the Prime Minister
29.03.2004  -   Banquet for Diplomats
24.02.2004  -   Banquet hosted by the Prime Minister of the Ukraine
24.08.2003  -   NORDUnet Networking Conference 2003
19.06.2003  -   Speech on Regional co-operation
19.06.2003  -   International seminar on Regional Co-operation - Opening address
23.05.2003  -   Change of Government
19.09.2002  -   Prime Minister of Viet Nam
11.09.2002  -   Anniversary of the terrorist attack
12.09.2001  -   To the President of the United States
11.09.2001  -   Statement by the Government of Iceland
14.03.2001  -   Project Plan for the Development of e-commerce and e-government 2000-2002

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