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18.04.2023Geothermal Utilization and Value Chains in Iceland - Recording from Event and Presentations
08.06.2022Joint statement on the limited resumption of Arctic Council cooperation
15.10.2021Iceland’s Policy on Matters Concerning the Arctic Region
16.06.2021Extensive report on the status of global Arctic research: Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic
20.05.2021Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Russia met in Harpa
18.05.2021US Secretary of State Visiting Iceland
18.05.2021Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council
10.05.2021Science holds the solutions: Ministers of Science meet on Arctic cooperation
02.05.2021Iceland‘s Foreign Policy Outlook - Video Link
25.01.2021Publication of the Greenland Committee Report
27.11.2019Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Russia met in Moscow
21.11.2019Arctic Council actors join forces in Hveragerði
09.10.2019First joint meeting between the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council
12.09.2019First Arctic Council Working Group on Sustainable Development (SDWG) meeting in Iceland concluded
10.09.2019Thematic Conference on Strengths, Well-Being and Engagement of Youth in the Arctic
09.09.2019Arctic Council Working Group on Sustainable Development (SDWG) meets in Iceland
20.06.2019First meeting of Iceland's Arctic Council Chairmanship in Reykjanesbær
07.05.2019Iceland assumes Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
25.04.2019Doing Business in the Arctic
15.02.2019US Secretary of State visited Iceland
23.10.2018Government’s participation in the sixth Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík
30.05.2018Address at the Japanese Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI): “Sustainable Business in the Arctic”
17.05.2018Annual report on foreign and international affairs
18.01.2018Speech at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

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