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13.05.2024Assessing Ways of Reducing the Rate of Deviations in the Hungting of Fin Whales
18.04.2023Geothermal Utilization and Value Chains in Iceland - Recording from Event and Presentations
01.12.2022Act No 82/2019 on the registration of beneficial owners
01.12.2022Act on annual accounts
01.12.2022Act on Auditors and Auditing no. 94/2019 PDF
22.03.2022Video Recording of Insights into the Icelandic Economy Going Forward – Online meeting with Finance and Economy Minister Bjarni Benediktsson
10.03.2022Russian redfish trawlers are no longer allowed entry into Icelandic ports
08.03.2022Oceans – The Blue Economy and Innovation - Video Link
25.02.2022Online Webinar with Icelandic Finance and Economics Minister on 22 March
04.10.2021Consul General Nikulás Hannigan congratulating film director Valdimar Jóhannsson
09.07.2021Programs happening at Nordic Innovation New York
29.06.20212021 Nordic PropTech Market-Entry Accelerator Program
20.05.2021How do I Invest in the Seafood Industry in Iceland? - Recording from Event
02.05.2021North America - 2020 Export from Iceland to the US and Canada
29.03.2021How Competitive is Iceland? Video Link
12.03.2021North-Atlantic Fisheries Ministers Conference – March 11th, 2021 Effects of COVID-19 on the industry
05.03.2021Iceland – Economic Outlook Presentation - Video Link
27.01.2021Report on Iceland's international trade policy
27.10.2020Icelandic measures for remote workers put in place
17.09.2020Capital Raise Series - Friends, Family & Fools
10.09.2020Family Offices - Starfsemi og fjárfestingar / Operations & Investments
14.04.2020Nordic cooperation vital post COVID-19
21.06.2019Iceland Booth at the Fancy Food Show in New York, June 23-25
25.04.2019Doing Business in the Arctic
13.04.2019Icelandic authorities welcome decision to declare the wordmark “Iceland” invalid
22.03.2019Joint understanding on the application of the third energy package towards Iceland
11.02.2019Icelandic Seafood Products, Technology & Services - Iceland is All You Need to Run Your Business
28.05.2018Keynote Address at the "Iceland Business Seminar" hosted by JETRO and Promote Iceland
15.05.2018Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland
08.03.2018Industry - Act No 8/1996 respecting the Authorization of Several Professional Titles of Specialists in Technical and Design Faculties
08.03.2018Industry - Regulations No. 495/2001 respecting Recognition of Work and Vocation Training in Industry in Another EEA State
08.03.2018Industry - Regulation No 940/1999 respecting Authorized Branches of Industry -
08.03.2018Capital Movements, Imports and Foreign Investments - Act No 43/1999 on Temporary Reimbursements in Respect of Film Making in Iceland.
22.02.2018Financial Services and Markets - Act No. 99/1999 on the Payment of Costs for Public Supervision of Financial Activities
14.02.2018Regulation No. 245/2006 on the official listing of securities in a stock exchange.
14.02.2018The Accounting Act No. 145/1994
14.02.2018Lov Nr. 48/2003 om forbrugerkøb
14.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No 50/2000 on the Sale of Goods in English Translation
14.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No 50/2000 on Sale of Goods in Danish Translation
14.02.2018Act No 103/1992 respecting Commission Sales Transactions -
14.02.2018Act No. 150/2007 on the limitation periods for claims
14.02.2018Act No 90/1999 respecting the Security of Transfer Orders in Payment Systems
14.02.2018Act No 134/1995 on Product Safety and Official Market Control
14.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No 65/1993 on the Implementation of Invitation to Tender
14.02.2018Regulation No. 668/2011 on documents that are exempt from requirements regarding submission of documents in relation to service provision in the internal market of the European Economic Area
14.02.2018Regulation No. 667/2011 on general exemptions from the freedom to provide services in Iceland without establishment
14.02.2018Regulation No. 666/2011on notifications to the EFTA Surveillance Authority in relation to services in the internal market of the European Economic Area
14.02.2018Reglulation No. 665/2011 on administrative cooperation of national authorities in the EEA-area in relation to services in the internal market of the European Economic Area
14.02.2018Act No. 78/1993 on the Protection of Topographies of Semiconductor Products
14.02.2018Act No 72/2004 respecting Employees´ Inventions
14.02.2018Act No 34/1991 on Investment by Non-residents in Business Enterprices,.
08.02.2018Act on the Establishment of Landsnet hf. No. 75/2004
08.02.2018Act no. 75/2011, The Tourist Site Protection Fund
08.02.2018Regional Matters - Law on the Institute of Regional Development Act No 106/1999
08.02.2018REGULATION No 347/2000 for the Institute of Regional Development
08.02.2018Act on Insurance Contracts, No 30/2004
08.02.2018Act No. 14/2011 amending Act No. 44/2005, on Competition, as subsequently amended
08.02.2018Act No. 52/2007 amending the Competition Act No. 44/2005
06.02.2018Act No 42/1983 on Landsvirkjun
06.02.2018Competition Law No 44/2005, ammended by Ammendments No 52/2007 and 94/2008.
06.02.2018Company Law - Establishment of Companies in Iceland
06.02.2018Company Law - Act No 159/1994 on the European Economic Interest Grouping as amended (1 November 2006)
06.02.2018Company Law - Act No 33/1999 respecting Foundations Engaging in Business Operations, as amended (1 November 2006)
06.02.2018COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 2157/2001
06.02.2018Act No. 92/2006 respecting European Cooperative Societies.
06.02.2018Act No 138/1994 on Private Limited Companies (as amended up to 1 May 2011)
06.02.2018Announcement No. 848/2013 respecting General Exemption from the Conditions of Residence of the Limited Liability Companies' Legislation
06.02.2018Act No. 47/2008 respecting Amendment of Acts on Public Limited Companies and Private Limited Companies (Simplification of Rules on the Payment of Share Capital by Other Means than Cash et al.)
06.02.2018TRANSLATION OF RECENT AMENDMENTS OF ICELANDIC PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANIES' LEGISLATION (2008-2010) including Acts 13/2010 (sex ratios) and 68/2010 (minority protection, remuneration)
06.02.2018Act No 2/1995 on Public Limited Companies (as amended up to 1 May 2011)
01.02.2018Act No. 76/2011 on services in the internal market of the European Economic Area
01.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No. 30/2002 on Electronic Commerce and other Electronic Services.
01.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No 14/1995 on the Amentment of Act No 7/1936 on Making of Contracts, Agency and Void Undertakings, with Later Amendments.
01.02.2018Merchants and Trade - Act No 25/1991 on Product Liability
01.02.2018Act No 121/1994 on Consumer Credit
09.01.2018Act no. 73/2005 on Tourism Administration
01.06.2017Presentation: Use of living marine resources in Iceland
24.05.2017The hunt for Marine data in an imperfect World
22.06.2016New legislation on home sharing to take effect in Iceland
01.04.2016Fisheries in the Arctic: Lessons to be learned
14.01.2016Road Map for Tourism in Iceland
02.12.2014Iceland – All Year-round
23.10.2014Continued impasse on Mackerel
28.08.2014Positive results from the co-ordinated Nordic Mackerel Survey
27.06.2014Catch Quotas in Icelandic waters in accordance with scientific advice
06.05.2014Design as a Driver for Future - Icelandic Design Policy 2014-2018
22.04.2014Iceland announces a restrained and responsible mackerel quota for the 2014 season
01.04.2014Fisheries Management Plan – Golden Redfish
25.03.2014Golden Redfish fisheries managed with catch rules
13.03.2014The EU, the Faroe Islands and Norway take full responsibility of overfishing. The Minister's response to the tripartite agreement on the mackerel issue
06.03.2014Statement from Mr. Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, Icelandic Minister of Fisheries
13.02.2014No Legal or Scientific Basis for Pelly Amendment Certification of Iceland by the US Department of Interior
08.02.2014Iceland declares disappointment with the results of the mackerel negotiations
31.01.2014Mackerel Negotiations ended without an agreement
29.01.2014Almost all Greenland sharks caught on Icelandic fishing grounds are by-catch in fishery for other species. 
22.01.2014Orkustofnun grants a third licence in the Dreki Area
18.12.2013Sustainable whaling in Icelandic waters 2014-2018
07.10.2013Statement from Government of Iceland Regarding Recommended 2014 Mackerel Catch Levels
04.10.2013Investment Agreement between PCC and the Government of Iceland regarding silicon metal smelter plant
16.08.2013Statement by the Government of Iceland on EU threats against the Faroe Islands and Iceland
09.08.2013Cooperation and diplomacy, not illegal sanctions, are needed to manage the mackerel stock
01.08.2013Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland's Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture 
16.07.2013Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
26.06.2013Consulting Committee deliver it's recommendations regarding á subsea interconnector for electricity between Iceland and Europe to the Minister of Industry and Trade
14.06.2013Sustainable whaling in Icelandic waters
13.06.2013Statement from Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland's Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
16.05.2013Iceland Responds to One-Sided Decision by Marine Conservation Society Regarding Sustainable Mackerel Fishing
14.05.2013RESPONSE TO EUROPEAN FISH COUNCIL MEETING, 14 MAY 2013 - Statement from Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Minister of Industries and Innovation
30.04.2013Response to notification from the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) of formal investigation of Iceland's investment incentives scheme
19.02.2013Vacancy Announcement Position of Executive Secretary in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO).
02.02.2013Iceland Lowers 2013 Mackerel Fishing Quota by 15 Percent in Line with Scientific Recommendations
24.01.2013"A fisheries stand-off won't solve the problem"
12.12.2012No More Fishy Solutions to the Mackerel Dispute
03.12.2012Norway participates in exploration for oil and gas in Iceland through Petoro
31.10.2012Memorandum of Understanding on energy cooperation.
24.10.2012Iceland Statements Regarding Coastal States Negotiations on Sustainable Fishing of Mackerel
17.10.2012Two new Bills based on proposals from the Group of Three on Financial Stability in Iceland.
05.10.2012The Ministers letter to Nature Conservations
04.09.2012Statement by Iceland's Minister of Industries and Innovation after the London mackerel negotiations meeting
03.09.2012Meeting on mackerel in London

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