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18.05.2021US Secretary of State Visiting Iceland
11.03.2021Webinar on Combatting Climate Change with Green Solutions in Iceland
28.01.2021Increased efforts for climate adaptation, nature-based solutions
22.12.2020Iceland's National Plan
18.12.2020Iceland announces enhanced ambition at Climate Ambition Summit
23.11.2020Iceland‘s National Plan on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions made available to ESA
02.10.2020Icelandic Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources address UN Summit on Biodiversity
23.06.2020New Climate Action Plan - Iceland will fulfil its commitments and more
30.09.2019Minister for Foreign Affairs addressed the UN General Assembly
23.09.2019Prime Minister's address at the UN Climate Action Summit
09.09.2019Land restoration essential for mitigating the climate crisis - letter of intent signed
25.04.2019Doing Business in the Arctic
15.02.2019US Secretary of State visited Iceland
23.10.2018Government’s participation in the sixth Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík

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