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Road Map for Tourism in Iceland

A Road Map for Tourism in Iceland was published in late 2015, emphasizing the following seven key elements:

  •  coordination,
  • providing a positive visitor experience,
  • reliable data,
  • nature conservation,
  • skills and quality,
  • increased profitability and
  • a better distribution of tourists.

The goal is to ensure that tourism in Iceland becomes exemplary and to firmly establish the country as an attractive and sustainable destination for tourists in harmony with the landscape and its people.

A Tourism Task Force was established on the basis of the Road Map with a lifetime of five years, from late 2015 until the end of 2020. Its board is made up of ministers from the four main areas connected to the tourism industry, as well as four representatives from the sector and two representatives from local municipalities. The goal of the Tourism Task Force is to ensure that the period between 2015-2020 is used to tackle the tasks required to lay the solid foundations that are needed in the Icelandic tourism industry. Its function is to coordinate measures and find solutions in collaboration with government administrations, municipalities, the support framework for this sector throughout the country, the sector itself and other interested parties.

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