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Maskina specialises in gender surveys.

The Gender Barometer is an employee survey that assesses the status of gender equality in the workplace through collection of the experiences and attitudes of employees. The baseline of the Gender Barometer is the Icelandic labor market, where gender equality has consistently been ranked the highest in the world (World Economic Forum, Dec. 18, 2018). Through comparing and contrasting the experiences of employees of different genders, the Gender Barometer helps organisations understand how they stand in terms of gender equality and what factors they need to work on to create a more gender equal workplace.

The factors that the Gender Barometer assesses are:

  • Progression in the workplace
    • Is everyone enabled to grow, develop and progress in their career regardless of gender?
  • Management support
    • Do managers’ actions reflect a gender equal workplace?
  • Workplace interactions and networking
    • Do workplace interactions reflect a gender equal workplace?
  • Workplace flexibility
    • Do employees have the flexibility they need regardless of their gender?
  • Fairness
    • Are all employees treated fairly in the workplace regardless of gender?
  • Work-life balance
    • Are all employees able to balance family life with work?
  • Harassment and violence
    • Are employees experiencing gender-based or sexual harassment and violence in the workplace?

Maskína research is a research company in Reykjavik, Iceland, that was established in 2010. Maskina conducts both quantitative and qualitative research, such as customer surveys, employee surveys, marketing research, focus groups, in-depth-interviews, and more.

The leading experts in this project are Thora Thorgeirsdottir, PhD, Thorlakur Karlsson, PhD, and Thora Asgeirsdottir, MBA. Dr. Karlsson and Mrs. Asgeirsdottir are the owners of Maskina and have managed and participated in a number of projects on gender equality in Iceland in the private and public sector. Dr. Thorgeirsdottir has a PhD in Human Resource Management and is specialised in flexibility in the workplace and work-life balance. Both Dr. Thorgeirsdottir and Dr. Karlsson teach at univeristies in Iceland.

Reference: World Economic Forum (Dec. 18, 2018). Iceland most gender equal country in the world, World Economic Forum finds. Retrieved from: https://icelandmag.is/article/iceland-most-gender-equal-country-world-world-economic-forum-finds


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