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EXEDRA is a professional forum for discussion for prominent women leaders in Icelandic society, inclusive of all economic sectors and political parties. Within the group are current and former Ministers and other political leaders, ambassadors, business leaders, women from the arts, sciences, media and NGOs.

Founded in 2006, EXEDRA offers its members a platform for discussions on a variety of topics aimed to inspire and encourage its members to increase their knowledge and actively participate in improving society, with great focus on gender equality and the empowerment of women in leadership positions.

EXEDRA women meet once a month to discuss important current topics, share their experiences, network and foster collaboration among women of all professions. Among other events that Exedra hosts are bi-monthly sessions on current affairs to exchange knowledge and encourage open discussions, as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that provide our members with a platform to exchange ideas, build relationships and support each other. Every other year we travel abroad to extend our network, meet with local leaders, attend seminars and visit companies and institutions.

EXEDRA operates a sister organisation for young female leaders called EXEMPLA. Collaborative events connecting women from EXEDRA and EXEMPLA serve to bridge the gap and encourage interaction between generations.



EXEDRA would like to collaborate with other female leadership networks and those looking to establish female leadership organisations in their countries with the aim of empowering women within their countries and across Europe to support each other and to take on leadership positions within their communities.

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