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Evris Foundation specializes in working on EEA Grants projects. Evris Foundation is an Icelandic non-profit private foundation founded to enable the sharing of knowledge and experience with other European countries and enhance cooperation in various sectors between entities in those countries. It builds a tailor-made team of Icelandic experts with well-defined and required expertise for each individual project. Sharing know-how will facilitate problem-solving and the development of new solutions by public agencies and businesses alike for the benefit of all participants

Iceland is at the forefront of the movement for equal rights and gender equality in the world and has for many years been the frontrunner in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index

Gender equality is a constant work in progress and does not happen without efforts being made by human rights defenders, activists, politicians and others working towards the common goal of gender equality. Each step towards gender equality requires political will and the conviction that gender quality is beneficial for society as a whole. In Iceland, tools such as legislation, gender budgeting, gender quotas and public incentives for achieving greater gender quality have been developed, tried and tested for decades.



Evris Foundation benefits from the cooperation with experienced gender equality experts and advocates in Iceland. Evris-teams consist of experts from private and public institutions and universities, as well as independent experts. Together with project managers from Evris Foundation, Evris-teams have successfully delivered valuable contributions as a reliable donor state project partner.

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