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The Women’s Counselling (WC)

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Gender Equality

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The Women’s Counselling (WC)

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The Women’s Counselling is free legal and social work counselling for women (men also seek advice). It provides expert advice free of charge. It is open twice a week and people can either come for interviews or be advised via telephone or email. The advice covers any and all topics, is rendered anonymously and full confidentiality is guaranteed. The advantages of this set up is the anonymity, which gives those in difficult situations the courage to come, no records kept regarding those who seek advice, qualified experts are at hand (and students under supervision), legal and social work advice are an excellent combination and no appointments are needed

The Women’s Counselling is a part of the strong women’s rights movement in Iceland and has therefore been an active participant in bringing about changes for promoting gender equality, such as in legislation and official practices. The experience gathered in counselling for individuals is used to give advice to official institutions and bodies, like the police, ministries, social services etc. That is, the experience and know-how is taken further and put to use.



Through long lasting experience, the Women’s Counselling provides expert knowledge regarding equal rights as human rights, violence against women and girls, women entrepreneurship and various legal and social work issues. Advice on the founding, organization and operation of a volunteer NGO is also provided.

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