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Barnaheill – Save the Children Iceland

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Barnaheill – Save the Children Iceland

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From the beginning, the association's emphasis has been on domestic activities, but in recent years, foreign projects have been added. Two of Barnaheill's largest national projects concern the protection of children against violence. On the one hand, Vinátta is a prevention project against bullying in preschools and primary schools. The project is of Danish origin, based on the latest research on bullying and is a great pleasure among professionals, children and parents regarding the study material. However, Verndarar barna, which is a prevention project against child sexual abuse. The goal of the project is to provide adults with strong education and targeted training in preventing, recognizing and responding to sexual violence with determination and responsibility. Save the Children also publishes educational material on violence working to raise awareness. The association runs Abendingarlína for inappropriate or illegal content on the internet in cooperation with the National Commissioner of Police. Save the Children also runs an interactive educational website on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and provides education and information on the symptoms and consequences of violence against children, and actions are suspected of this. The organization also provides advice and works on a number of legal opinions where the government is pressured to ensure by law that children are provided with protection against all forms of violence. Barnaheill is also responsible for various collaborative projects such as Hjólasöfnun Barnaheilla, which is a bicycle collection for children and young people living in difficult conditions and Dagur mannréttinda barna, which is Children's Human Rights Day.


Prevention of violence against children Prevention of bullying Coordinated action plans against violence Secure use of the Internet and social media for children and young people Empower children and young people to participate in society Increase everyone's knowledge of children's rights.

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