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Cooperation with Civil Society and NGOs

Cooperation with civil society and NGOs plays a key role in development cooperation and humanitarian and emergency operations. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is actively working to increase its collaboration in this area and has in place specific guidelines, created to ensure efficient and effective collaboration with these partners.

Civil society and NGOs have five representative that participate in the Icelandic Committee for Development Cooperation and regular consultations are held between the ministry and NGO and CSO representatives.

The ministry advertises grants intended for Icelandic based NGOs and civil society partners at least once a year. Applications can be sent in for considerations in three categories; development projects, humanitarian assistance or for promotional and/or educational purposes.

2019 Development cooperation partnerships

Development cooperation: 16 projects with 8 partners in 11 countries.

In 2019 the Ministry for Foreign Affairs provided 187, 5 million ISK in funding for 16 development cooperation projects in 11 countries with 8 partners; the Icelandic Church Aid, the Icelandic Red Cross, the Icelandic Lutherian Mission, SOS Children’s villages, Friends of India, ABC Children’s help, Education in a Suitcase and Sun in Togo.

2019 Humanitarian Assistance partnerships

Humanitarian assistance: 6 projects with 3 partners in 5 countries

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs responded to calls for support to crises in 5 countries for a total of 213,7 million ISK. The grants went to three partners: the Icelandic Church Aid, Icelandic Red Cross and Save the Children in Iceland. 51,5 million were earmarked towards the crisis in Syria.

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The following NGOs and Civil Society Organizations are members of the working group for Icelandic NGOs and CSOs in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

International Development Cooperation

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