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Multinational Opportunities

Opportunities for Icelandic companies at international organizations

There is high demand for advice and services from Icelandic companies in the activities of international organizations (multinational organizations). International organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank maintain extensive activities in the field of development cooperation and call for the involvement of member states such as Iceland through the following channels.

Expert lists for the World Bank and other organizations

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Icelandic companies and self-employed consultants can offer services for projects around the world, meanwhile gain experience and skills in international cooperation. More information on the advisory lists and registration.

There are numerous opportunities for Icelandic companies to offer advice and solutions for World Bank projects around the world.

Business Iceland (Íslandstofa) is the World Bank private sector liaison and provides information on opportunities available to Icelandic companies.

For more information, Gunnhildur Ásta Guðmundsdóttir, project manager of Heimstorg, [email protected]

Sale of goods and services to the United Nations

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The United Nations Procurement Agency (UNPD), located in Copenhagen which manages procurement of goods and services amounting up to USD 20 billion per year for all 39 United Nations agencies. Icelandic companies can register to the United Nations marketplace and monitor new tenders. Companies can sign onto a notification service for a modest fee, but the competition is fierce and you need to act quickly. Heimstorg By Business Iceland can assist companies that are interested in this opportunity. Iceland currently sells around two million US dollars to United Nations agencies, but for comparison, Danish companies sell goods and services amounting to four billion US dollars. More information and registration on the marketplace's website.

Banks and corporate credit institutions in development cooperation

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NEFCO – The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) in Helsinki supports Nordic companies in international projects that deliver environmentally friendly benefits outside the Nordic countries. NEFCO offers loans at market rates, the maximum amount for individual projects is 5,000 euros, and as well is capital stock up to 35% of the equity is provided. Projects must have a positive environmental impact, be based on approved technology (not entrepreneurial projects), have cost-effective environmental costs, and support Nordic priorities in environmental matters. More information is provided by Þórhallur Þorsteinsson ([email protected]), director at NEFCO.

NOPEF logo

NOPEF – Nordic Project Fund

The goal of NOPEF (Nordic Project Fund) in Helsinki is to support the expansion of companies outside the EEA region, including the establishment of subsidiaries, cooperation with joint venture or the opening of a sales office abroad. The maximum grant amount is EUR 50,000 and the maximum percentage of costs is 40%. NOPEF feasibility studies for the preparation of projects outside the EEA region, among other things for the establishment of subsidiaries, cooperation with joint ventures or the opening of a sales office abroad. More information is provided by Mikael Reims ([email protected] ), investment manager for NOPEF.

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