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Technical Assistance Programme in Sustainable use of Natural Resources

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides access and funding for technical experts in various fields. The objective is to provide on-demand high quality technical assistance to assist Partner Institutions (World Bank (WB), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and others) in preparation and implementation of projects in relation to the specific arrangements between the ministry and the respective institution or country. To this end the ministry has a list of consultants from private and public entities which can be called upon for assignments on relatively short notice. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs also uses this list of consultants to access experts for its own projects in development cooperation.

Currently, the ministry maintains five lists of experts:

  • fisheries
  • gender equality
  • geothermal energy
  • hydropower energy
  • land restoration and sustainable land management

The Icelandic Central Public Procurement agency manages registration onto the list of consultants for the ministry in accordance with set criteria for registration. The list is open for registration through the Icelandic Central Public Procurement agency.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs also has framework agreements with Icelandic government agencies related to sustainable use of natural resources, which provide experts to be available on call from the list as may be requested.

The Partner Institutions may have direct access to the list of experts and CVs.

The Partner Institutions can request technical assistance assignments from the technical assistance programme. The assignments shall be defined in ToRs, which outline the scope of work, expected outputs, workplan and estimated inputs. The request shall be made in line with the general scope of the cooperation with the respective institution.

A general call for interest and availability may be sent out by the ministry to the consultants on the list, requesting an expression of interest from consultants to be considered for the assignment, noting specifically which assignment/ToR and including a summary of their suitability and qualifications for this specific assignment.

The renumeration of experts is handled by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in line with the contracts to be signed between the experts and the ministry. There is a fixed price for the services, and price is not a factor in the evaluation of suitable experts for each assignment.

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