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Information Society

Public services are organised on democratic principles to serve efficiently the needs of the general public as well as business and industry. A good knowledge of information technology and access to public data encourages innovation and industrial development. The intention is to enable the public and businesses to influence decisions by public parties to a growing extent by participating in their preparation through an open and transparent Internet consultation process.

This work follows the  Central and Local Government Policy on the Information Society. Using the Internet for growth - Let's build, connect and take part. This strategy focuses on the opportunities opened up by various technological innovations, such as use of the Internet to increase democratic participation by the public and the advent of new social media. Emphasis is also placed on the potential to increase efficiency, electronic services and the interoperability and security of systems.

The state operates one of the largest technology environments in Iceland, and IT plays a varied and extensive role in public service. IT is among the leading forces driving public sector restructuring aimed at increasing service, encouraging innovation and improving co-ordination of activities for the benefit of users. Advances in IT and the usage of cloud technology present opportunities for further integration and better utilisation of the funds allocated for operation of IT systems. 

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