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Digital Iceland & public services

Digital public services are the main service channel to citizens and businesses. In a Nordic welfare society, services need be user centric and based on users‘ needs. Digital Iceland is responsible for the development of the Ísland.is service portal.


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Ísland.is is the Icelandic public service portal. All state services can be accessed in one place. Once logged in to "My pages" with Iceland eID, users can access data that directly relates to them, either as a private citizen or as a company representative. Through the portal, information and applications to public services, rights and obligations, either by service categories or life events, are available.


Digital inclusion

Although digital services increase access to public service in general, it does not apply to all user groups. Individuals with limited capacity, whether physical, psychological, financial or social, may experience reduced access. Addressing the needs of these individuals is therefore of utmost importance.

Insofar, Iceland has addressed these needs in various ways.

Digital power of attorney

A power of attorney is an important level of service for various groups. A digital power of attorney supports these groups even better. Here are some examples available in Iceland:

  1. Individuals with a company procurement automatically have access to the company’s digital inbox on Ísland.is.
  2. Custodians of children, as registered in the central registry, automatically have access to their children’s digital inbox on Ísland.is.
  3. All users with an eID can give another individual access to their own digital inbox on Ísland.is
  4. Legal guardians of disabled persons, as per registry maintained by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, have access to the person’s digital inbox on Ísland.is
  5. Individuals without an eID, can deliver a physical power of attorney document in order to give another individual access to their digital inbox (implemented in 2023).

Electronic identification (eID)

Access to and usage of eID in Iceland is widespread, which gives way for digital services provided by both the public and private sector. As of year end 2022, over 95% of individuals 13 years and older with an Icelandic social security number have an eID.


The state fully owned company Audkenni ehf., issues eIDs in Iceland, which are available on:

  • SIM card
  • Audkenni’s authentication app
  • Audkenni’s eID card

eID issuance requires individuals to provide legal authentication (driver’s licence, passport) and it needs to be done in person. Certified partners to issue eIDs are banks and telecom operators, which have a service network around Iceland.

More information on eIDs on Ísland.is

Digital inbox

A law on digital inbox on the government portal Ísland.is was implemented in 2021. The law stipulates the digital inbox on Ísland.is as the primary notification channel of public entities with individuals and legal entities.

The implementation period of notifications ranges from 2021-2024, where in the beginning of 2025, all public institutions, both on state and local level, will send all communication via the digital inbox instead of other means of communication. The Digital Iceland team is the project owner and advises institutions during the implementation period.

The digital inbox is available on "My pages" on Ísland.is and the Ísland.is app.

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