Hoppa yfir valmynd

Prevention of brush fires

Brush fires can spread rapidly, for instance, in dry conditions and strong winds and in many cases can result in extensive damage.

Lighting fires outdoors is prohibited where they could cause a public hazard or damage to the environment, vegetation, fauna or structures. Care must be exercised with all equipment which could cause fires outdoors, such as barbecues, lights, outdoor fireplaces, candles and heaters, and all travellers must use extreme care in handling fire.

Permits need to be sought from a District Commissioner to hold a bonfire, together with the approval of a fire chief and licence from the local Board of Health. Refuse may not be burned in the open. Strict conditions are set for burn-off of dry grass in relevant legislation and rules. 

The Iceland Construction Authority is responsible for supervision of legislation concerning handling of fire and brush fire prevention.

Iceland Construction Authority  


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